(Taemin at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl KTMF 2019)


Full Name: Lee Taemin / 이태민
Birthdate: July 18, 1993
Position: Vocalist/Dancer/Maknae (youngest)
Extra Skills: Genius Dancer, Songwriter
Nicknames: Power Taem, Taeminnie, Legendary Solo Man (Yeoksolnam), Magic Hand

Taemin began his career earlier than most becoming a trainee during grade 6 at age 13 (Korean age). He was inspired at 10 years old by Michael Jackson’s “lean forward” move in “Smooth Criminal”. Because Taemin’s mother knew he loved to dance, she recommended that Taemin audition to be a trainee at SM’s “2005 S.M. Open Weekend Audition Casting”. He made it and after 3 years of training, Taemin debuted with SHINee as their main dancer with their first release “Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)“. When he was first chosen to be in SHINee, Taemin said that he protested it a lot because he felt he was too young and not ready. He imagined that he would debut with kids closer to his age. To this day, he’s still one of the youngest idols to debut in Korea. Although he played a minor role vocally when SHINee first started out, he turned into a standout vocalist over the years becoming an icon for the power of hard work. After receiving Melon’s “Artist of the Year” award in 2013 with SHINee, Taemin embarked on his first solo album in 2014 with the leading track “Danger“, choreographed by Ian Eastwood. He’s gone on to release 8 mini & full length albums in both Japan and Korea with his most iconic work “MOVE” being released in 2017. For writing credits, he has written lyrics to a few songs on his albums including “Press Your Number“, “Soldier“, & “Day and Night“. For SHINee’s albums, he is credited as a songwriter on “Our Page” and “Sunny Side“. Taemin has also participated in the choreography for some of his songs – both in SHINee and as a soloist – taking a large creative role in his music and performance. He has earned many honors over the years including but not limited to MAMA’s Best Dance Solo Performance, bonsangs (high sales awards) at the Golden Disk Awards, and multiple popularity awards – inspiring many idols in the newer generations. Most recently, he joined SM’s “Avengers” team SuperM and made his debut in the US with their first release “Jopping“. [Read our full 10 page bio here]
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Music Show Wins

| Danger: 2 | Press Your Number: 4 | WANT: 2 |
| MCountdown 1 | Music Bank 3 | Show Champion 2 | Music Core 1 | The Show 1 |