Taemin: SuperM 1st Mini Album 8/4 Release Info~!

Taemin: SuperM 1st Mini Album 8/4 Release Info~!




SuperM – The 1st Mini Album
Release Date: October 4, 2019


  1. Jopping [Title Track]
  2. I Can’t Stand the Rain
  3. 2 Fast
  4. Super Car
  5. No Manners
  6. Jopping (Instrumental)
  7. I Can’t Stand the Rain (Instrumental)




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  • Physical Album: Taemin Ver.
    $11.99 USD / ASIN: B07WV6DZFZ
    【CD】 + 【PHOTOBOOK 72P】 + 【1 Folded Taemin Poster*】 + 【1 Photocard (14 Types)】
  • Physical Album: United Ver.
    $11.99 USD / ASIN: B07WXFK7BY
    【CD】 + 【PHOTOBOOK 72P】 + 【1 Folded Group Poster*】 + 【1 Photocard (14 Types)】
  • Vinyl Record: Taemin Ver.
    $15.00 USD
  • Vinyl Record: United Ver.
    $15.00 USD

*Not all stores carry the poster. Be sure to read the description notes before purchasing. Currently, the Official Store, Amazon, & SM Global Shop are confirmed to carry posters for the initial print run.


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All products can be found at SuperM’s Official Store.





Taemin is set to debut in the US with new “super” boy group “SuperM” in October! The new 7 member group will consist of Taemin, EXO’s Kai & Baekhyun, NCT’s Taeyong & Mark, and WayV’s Ten & Lucas. The announcement came in Los Angeles at Capitol Records’ annual 2019 “Capitol Congress” presentation where Lee Sooman was present to introduce this epic “Avengers” level group. You can watch the presentation below~! Social media accounts & an official website were all launched on the same day. Be sure to follow all of the accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and sign up for SuperM’s newsletter on their website!
According to their documentary “SuperM: The Beginning”, SuperM was project conceived of between Capitol Records & SM. Capitol wanted to collaborate with SM in producing an idol group and thus the “All-Star”/”Avengers” concept was created, using popular members from each of SM’s youngest boy groups. Taemin said that he was the first of the members to know about the project and shared opinions about how the team should be formed. Baekhyun said that if it had been proposed as a short term project, he wouldn’t have wanted to join while Kai said he had always been interested in promoting in the US market.
After holding a quick press conference in Korea on 10/2, it was announced that SuperM would have their first North American tour launching in November (with tickets going on sale 10/5). SuperM held their first event stateside on 10/3 for the premiere of their first EP & MV release. A small audience was invited to Capitol Records where they answered questions submitted by fans and then watched the MV together for the first time. The day after release, on 10/5, SuperM’s debut performance showcase was broadcast live on YouTube from Capitol Records. The event was held at the Capitol Records building and part of Vine St. was shut down for a festival-like atmosphere where food trucks, merch, and events were held. On 10/6, the Hollywood & Seoul Pop-Up Stores were opened for fans to purchase exclusive merch. Prior to the opening, SuperM visited and held a live Twitter Blue Room Q&A. Their final major promotion schedule was their American TV debut on The Ellen Show where they performed “Jopping” and “I Can’t Stand the Rain”. Three fansigns where held from 10/6-10/9 at Barnes & Noble, Fingerprints, & FYE in the LA area before the boys flew back to Korea.
After returning to Korea, SuperM released a behind the scenes making video for the “Jopping” MV and a documentary called “SuperM: The Beginning” was broadcast on SBS (and can be watched in English on Viki). A special Korean edition of the album will be released on Oct. 31st in Korea with new photocards & posters.

1st Mini Album Release Date …. 10/4 Physical~!





MV + Promotion Playlist







  • (KR) SBS “SuperM: The Beginning” (1 hr 23 min Documentary)

    Episodes 1 & 2 – Includes special recordings of “I Can’t Stand the Rain”, “Super Car”, & “Jopping”

  • (KR) SuperM: The Story of “Jopping” (30 min)


  • (KR) Ent Wkly Interview (6 min)









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