Beginner Shawol Guide

Beginner Shawol Guide

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Are you new to SHINee? Read our list below to learn how to become a certified Shawol~!


  1. Watch all of SHINee’s MVs! Korean & Japanese
  2. Learn the members’ names~!
  3. Listen to our SHINee USA Spotify Playlists to learn more songs!
  4. Watch some of SHINee’s Variety Shows (see bottom of page)~!
  5. Buy SHINee on iTunes~!
    SHINee | Onew | Jonghyun | Key | Minho | Taemin
  6. Join a SHINee World fan group & make friends!*Β 
    SHINee USA, Shawols International, SHINee Forums International
  7. Get your SHINee News with these links~! SHINee USA Twitter, SHINee USA Membership Newsletter, Follow SHINee/SMTown Official, SFI Twitter


* Most international fans now reside on private Tumblr blogs & Twitter. I highly recommend both platforms if you want to be involved on a daily basis. Other places of note: OneHallyu Forums SHINee Thread, Reddit: k-pop & SHINee


Know all of this already? Look at you! It’s time for an Advanced Guide!

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