2019 Korea Times Music Festival (Taemin)

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Event Recap

On Saturday, April 27th, 2019 Taemin performed at the 9-story Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California for the 17th annual Korea Times Music Festival to a sold out audience of 20,000 people. This festival has a long tradition of hosting popular Korean musicians for a weekend family-style concert where attendees are invited to bring their families of all ages to enjoy the concert with their own picnic baskets and wine. This was not the first time SHINee has attended KTMF. In fact, SHINee has performed at this event – originally known as the “Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl” – both in 2009 and 2016. However, this performance will be marked as Taemin’s first solo gig in the US. The festival also coincides with the Korea Times newspaper’s 50th anniversary. You can read our event recap article here with all of the details about the event~!


  1. “MOVE”
  2. Opening Comments
  3. “Hypnosis”
  4. Closing Comments
  5. “WANT”