Billboard Support Guide

Billboard Support Guide


How To Help SHINee Chart on Billboard


1. Buy the latest album on US iTunes!

2. Stream on Spotify & Apple Music

3. Stream the Official MVs on YouTube

4. Use “#SHINee”, retweet/share from official accounts, Tag @shinee


(This info is for US residents only since data is collected from IP addresses. Next Big Sound’s algorithms are very sophisticated and will not be spoofed by international purchases.)





When do Billboard Charts get released?

Billboard records data starting on Friday and ends on the following Thursday. After that, the charts get uploaded early on Tuesdays online. However, the physical print magazine is released on Saturday. (Ex: Data is collected March 1-7. The digital charts are uploaded on March 12, dated March 16. The print magazine is released on March 16.)


What charts have SHINee been on in the past?

You can see a full list of SHINee’s Billboard charting compiled here. You can also check out SHINee’s official profiles on (SHINee, Jonghyun, Taemin).


Other groups have been able to purchase physical albums and have them count on Billboard. What about SHINee?

As of right now, SM has not released any of SHINee’s albums here in the US. Their other artists (NCT & EXO) have released albums via places like SMGlobalShop in a way that will count on Billboard for them. It’s best to follow @SMGlobalShop & @SHINee for future updates regarding this. Currently, nothing has been announced like this for SHINee.



How do we count on each chart specifically?


Album Charts: Billboard 200, Heatseekers, & World Albums Chart

– Buy the album on iTunes & Google Play Music (counts the highest)
– Stream the album on Spotify & Apple Music (counts significantly less)


Song Charts: Hot 100, World Digital Song Sales

– Buy the songs individually on iTunes & Google Play Music (counts the highest)
– Stream the songs on Spotify & Apple Music (counts significantly less)

Advice: Purchasing the whole album will not count on song charts. “Completing” an album purchase after buying a song will make your purchase count toward the album charts instead of the song charts.


Purchase Tiers:

3,750 song streams (free service) = 1,250 song streams (paid/subscription service) = 10 song sales = 1 album sale

So it is better to buy your music on iTunes & Apple Music than to stream if you want to help with Billboard Charts.


Social 50:

Twitter: Follow @SHINee, Retweet/reply to @SHINee’s posts, Tag @SHINee in your tweets, Use the hashtag “#SHINee” (+ “#Onew/Jonghyun/Key/Minho/Taemin” if the release is a solo)
Facebook: Follow SHINee, Like, Comment, & Share official account posts
Google/Wikipedia: Search for “SHINee”, Stay on SHINee’s Wiki Page for 5 min
iTunes/Apple Music/Spotify: Buy and Stream SHINee’s latest album

The key to ranking on Billboard’s Social 50 is engagement with the artist’s official account. The Social 50 chart is powered by data tracked by Next Big Sound, who ranks the most popular artists on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, & Tumblr. The chart blends weekly additions of friends/fans/followers & artist page views & engagement with official accounts.

Advice: To avoid being counted as spam by Twitter, only use 2-3 hashtags per tweet, include a space between hashtags, and use 10 characters in front of the first hashtag you use.