SHINee: “Atlantis” 7th Full Album Repackage 4/12 Release~!

SHINee: “Atlantis” 7th Full Album Repackage 4/12 Release~!




Release Date: April 12, 2021 (digital), April 15, 2021 (physical)


  1. Atlantis [Title Track] *NEW*
  2. CODE
  3. Don’t Call Me [Title Track]
  4. 같은 자리 (Area) [Lyrics] *NEW*
  5. Heart Attack
  6. Marry You
  7. Days and Years *NEW*
  8. I Really Want You
  9. Kiss Kiss
  10. Body Rhythm
  11. Attention
  12. Kind




▼ Now Available on iTunes~! ▼



★Help SHINee chart on Billboard by buying the album digitally on iTunes,
& Streaming on Apple Music/Spotify/YouTube!★


Main Charts SHINee is eligible for: Billboard World Album Chart, Billboard 200, Heatseekers, etc.

To help SHINee chart on Billboard, the most important thing you can do is immediately buy the songs on iTunes on the first day of release – April 12th.

Once you have done that, be sure to share SHINee’s “Atlantis” YouTube MV on social media, encouraging people to also buy the song/album, and stream the album on Apple Music, Spotify, & other official streaming services. We have only 4 days to get on Billboard charts for the first week before data collecting closes Thursday at midnight EST. SHINee’s highest iTunes chart position to date (as a group) is “Don’t Call Me” which charted at #1 on the main US iTunes album chart. Their highest Billboard position is for “The Story of Light Ep. 1” with #2 on Heatseekers (just under Billboard 200). Shawols FIGHTING!
If you would like to give albums to fans, the only way to do so and count on Billboard is through giftcards. If you would like to host a giftcard giveaway, tag @SHINeeUSAforums on Twitter~!




▼ Korean Charting Retailers ▼


★Purchases from SM Global Shop ship on 4/23 (Early Shipping) & 5/28 (Regular Shipping). SM Global Shop is also known for having delays.
★★Purchases from the above “Korean Charting Retailers” will help SHINee chart on music shows & year end awards in Korea (determined by Hanteo & Gaon Charts).
★★★There may be stock issues with this album – you know how SM is. We highly encourage that you participate in the pre-order and not wait to order your album after the release.



▼ Album Versions



  • “Atlantis” – Adventure Ver.
    Photobook (52P) (Adventure Ver.) + CD + 1 Voyage Certificate + 1 Voyage Card (Adventure Ver.) + 1 Sticker Sheet (Adventure Ver.) + 1 Postcard (out of 4) + 1 Photocard (out of 8) + 1 Poster Pre-Order Bonus (Adventure Ver.)
    ~$20.70 (23,200 KRW)

  • “Atlantis” – Ocean Ver.
    Photobook (52P) (Ocean Ver.) + CD + 1 Voyage Certificate + 1 Voyage Card (Ocean Ver.) + 1 Sticker Sheet (Ocean Ver.) + 1 Postcard (out of 4) + 1 Photocard (out of 8) + 1 Poster Pre-Order Bonus (Ocean Ver.)
    ~$20.70 (23,200 KRW)




Following their “Don’t Call Me” promotions in Feb-March, SHINee held their first online concert “SHINee World Beyond Live” on April 4th through Naver V App. During the show, they performed their new title track from their upcoming 7th album repackage “Atlantis”! The album is set to release digitally on 4/12 and physically on 4/15~! The repackage will include 3 new songs: “Atlantis”, “같은 자리 (Area)”, & “Days and Years”. During the concert, they mentioned that Minho had participated in the lyric writing for “같은 자리 (Area)”. SHINee will be hosting a pre-release event on Naver V Live called “SHINee’s Sailing: Finding ‘Atlantis’” to be aired on 4/12 5PM KST!

Please be sure to join the official SHINee World Fanclub on the Lysn app to keep up with their latest schedule now that their official website is closed. You can find all of the latest info there and on SHINee’s official Twitter & Vlive Channel~!


“Atlantis” 7th Full Album Repackage Release Date …. 4/12 Digital & 4/15 Physical~!


MV + Promotion Playlist





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