Taemin: “Flame of Love” Release 7/18~!

Taemin: “Flame of Love” Release 7/18~!


Taemin’s 2nd JP mini album “Flame of Love” to release on his birthday July 18th~!

The photoshoot was in collaboration with Mika Ninagawa, a photographer known for her bright use of florals. The photos were taken in Tokyo this past April. (source) At the same time, Taemin’s “THE 1st STAGE” solo concerts in Tokyo are officially sold out~! You can read more about the concert here. The “Flame of Love” EP was released digitally on 7/3 and topped the JP iTunes album chart for 2 days in Japan (#1 in 9 countries on release) as well as Japan’s streaming service RecoChoku for 7/3. For the RecoChoku weekly chart the album ranked at #10 during the first week of release. (source) We will update here with more news coming soon~! On its first day of release, Taemin’s “Flame of Love” EP topped many Tower Records charts and ranked #1 on Oricon selling 45,003 units (as much as Sayonara Hitori’s first full WEEK of sales!) ^^

The music video’s choreography Taemin practiced for 1 week before filming (3 hours a day). The choreography was created by Koharu Sugawara (same as “Sayonara Hitori”). After hearing “Flame of Love” Taemin told his producer that he wanted to make it the title song. He also said he wanted “I’m Crying” in the album from the first time he heard it. He was looking for a song with “this kind of sad emotion”. “Do It Baby” was a song recommended by his manager – it’s a song that lightens the mood of the album. Door is supposed to express the most inner/deepest parts of him. He discussed with Rino on how it should be put together on stage. About “Itsuka Kokode” – “I think it expresses my relationship with everyone.” (Paraphrased from radio translations by @Sweetgravlty/@mredwardsanders & @juju_home)


Purchase/Pre-Order Now~!

DIGITAL – Pre-order 6/28 & 7/3 Full Release~!

PHYSICAL – 7/18 Release~!



Music Chart Notes:

“Sales of Japanese music products that are shipped internationally will not be reflected in the Oricon charts.” – YesAsia
“Please note that Oricon does not count any data of products that are sent overseas, and CDJapan is no exception.” – CDJapan

** So if you would like for your purchase to count on Oricon, you must purchase your album through a group order that is purchasing directly in Japan -OR- You can purchase through through a proxy service like Tenso (but it will likely require knowledge of the Japanese language & require EMS shipping – fast but costly). More information on Oricon can be found here~!**

Also according to J-Shawols, Fanclub versions do not count on Oricon.



Official Website



  1.  Flame of Love – TITLE (lyrics)
  2.  I’m Crying (lyrics)
  3.  Do It Baby
  4.  DOOR (lyrics)
  5.  いつかここで [Trans: Someday, at this place, Rom: Itsuka Kokode] (lyrics)



Release Info (source)


First Press Edition (CD + DVD)

Price: 2,980 yen
CD Tracklist: Same for all 3 Versions
First Press Edition DVD:
– Flame of Love MV
– Flame of Love Dance Ver. Video
– Jacket & MV Shooting Sketch






Regular Edition (CD)

Price: 2,380 yen
CD Tracklist: Same for all 3 Versions









Fanclub Limited Edition (CD + DVD, B2 Size Booklet “Seek Extra News”)

Size: 7 inch Record Sized Paper Jacket
Price: 2,980 yen
CD Tracklist: Same for all 3 Versions
FC Limited Edition DVD:

-A-Nation 2016 Stadium Fes. Special Edition:
(Sayonara Hitori, Drip Drop (JP Ver.), Press Your Number (JP Ver.), Danger, Sekai de Ichiban Aishita Hito)

– FC Member Exclusive “Seek Extra News”
(B2 Size, Photos from Jacket & MV Shoot + Q&A)
– 1 Trading Card (3 different types)



Pre-Order Gifts/Bonuses

Promotions (playlist)

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170718 – Nippon Broadcast “Reonald” Radio  | Official Twitter 1, 2, | Official Radio Blog Update | Audio Full / Clips 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 |
170718 – bayfm SUMMER CAMPAIGN – ON8 + 1 (recorded live in front of ~6,000 fans + fansign) | News Articles – Natalie.mu, ModelPress, Oricon News | Official SNS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 | Fancams 1, | Fanaccounts 1, 2, 3, 4, | Full Audio |
170718 – Avalon Radio | Audio Full / Clips 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 | Official SNS 1 | Trans 1, 2, | Transcript (JP) |
170719 – ZIP FM | Official SNS 1 (Trans), | Interview |
170811 – Break Out Interview | Raw Cut |
170811 – J Wave Sugar Water | Eng Sub + Audio |
170815 – MBS Ent 1 | Eng Sub |
170822 – MBS Ent 2 | Eng Sub |

5 thoughts on “Taemin: “Flame of Love” Release 7/18~!”

    • The best way is to have a friend who’s a member of SHINee World J or join SHINee World J. Outside of that, I’d just say to keep an eye on ebay. The FC editions should be arriving to SWJ members within the next few days? So I’m sure someone will post a copy on ebay. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you! i just looked it up on eBay and its SO expensive, I’m losing my mind :””””-( i might have to settle for the first press edition

        • Right.. It’s not cheap. Fanclub membership alone costs $50 per year. Even though the album is only about $30, that doesn’t include domestic shipping to the seller (+$5-7) on top of international shipping (+$15) to you the potential buyer. I don’t think you’d be able to get this for less than $40. $50 I imagine would be standard.

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