[Concert] Taemin: THE 1st STAGE at Budokan in Tokyo

[Concert] Taemin: THE 1st STAGE at Budokan in Tokyo

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Taemin performs his first solo concert in Japan at Nippon Budokan~!


Taemin held his 1st Solo Concert in Japan on July 1st & 2nd at Budokan Tokyo~!  This concert promoted his latest JP album “Flame of Love”! Both concert dates were sold out through the SHINee World J Fanclub lottery ticketing and Taemin performed to crowds of 14,000 Shawols each night (28,000 total)~! In addition to that, the concert was livestreamed on 7/2 via Line Live to 318,000+ viewers (8.6+ million likes)~! ^^ (Old streaming instructions: via PC or Phone App – Android: APK download / iPhone: Create JP iTunes Account, Switch Accounts on your iPhone & Install] ) . Congrats Taeminnie on your successful first concerts~!

Additional Notes: Night one was attended by both Jonghyun, Onew, and JongTae’s families ^^ About fan events – there was no fan event held due to the request of staff – including no personal banners. The stage set up was unique for a SHINee concert in that it was a 360 degree concert – meaning there was a good angle from almost every corner of the round venue with an octagonal stage.

Taemin had been preparing this stage since SHINee’s “Five” Japan Arena Tour earlier this year, staying in Japan for nearly 2 months since May. The stage was directed by none other than our long time choreographer Rino Nakasone known for choreographing the dances of Replay, Love Like Oxygen, Juliette, Lucifer (with Shim Jae-won), Hello, Your Number, Kimi no Sei De, and recently Get the Treasure (with 50). Taemin left a message on SHINee World J thanking fans and saying that this stage is the start of his career as a soloist~! ^^ (Source)

“This stage is my start as a soloist! I’ve only just begun.” – Taemin



@mredwardsanders Translation


Line Live

TAEMIN THE 1st STAGE 日本武道館 (available 7/8~7/24) (26:38)



Model Press: Translation



-VCR (photo slideshow)-
1. Danger (JP Ver)
2. Guess Who
3. Tiger
-Opening Ment-
4. Sexuality
5. Drip Drop (JP Ver)
6. Soldier
7. Press Your Number (JP Ver)
-Dancer Break: Do It Baby-
8. Door
9. Flame of Love
10. Sekaide Ichiban Aishitahito
11. I’m Crying
-Final Ment-
12. Sayonara Hitori
13. Itsuka Kokode

Total Time: ~1 hr 20 min


1st Concert Announcement


Official Updates





Blancbutter Vlog: Day 1, Day 2


Concert Merch~!

The ring sold out online within 3 min and the day of the event were sold out within the first hour. Fans queued up as early as 5:30am (~500 fans already there) to grab some of the hard to get merch with as many as 3,000 Shawols in line! Also available on site were unique photos from the photoshoot that were given if you pre-ordered the album at the venue. In addition to that, concert photos were available after the concert via Memoca Pia at local 7/11’s.


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