Who Are We?

SHINee USA is a handful of admins spanning across several groups. ^^ We coordinate together with these group admins & volunteers to create projects for special events (banner projects, etc)~! SHINee USA offers a home base for all US Shawols and provides news about all of the opportunities to support SHINee here in the States! In addition to that, we have a roster for our Unofficial Fanclub to keep track of the 1000% dedicated fans in our group! ^^ We currently have 1800 followers on Facebook & nearly 1700 on Twitter and are growing by the day~!


SHINee USA began as a Facebook group & private forum in May 2015. At the time, SHINee had never come to the US for a solo event and we honestly had no idea how many Shawol fans were truly here to support SHINee (apparently 12,000!). There was no central fangroup that Shawols rallied around outside of the International Forums so we decided to start a forum of our own. ^^ In the early stages, it was too hard for one admin to juggle both the Facebook page and forum so the forum never grew. Eventually the forum became the blog that exists today~! This explains our Twitter handle @SHINeeUSAForums. ^^; Thanks to our membership project, the original forum concept has been given a new life through our secondary private Facebook group for our official members where Shawols are able to meet other Shawols within their own state & region~!


Our first major project was the MyMusicTaste project. Before the SHINee World V concerts were announced, we had spent nearly a year and a half daily trying to gain interest in a SHINee World Concert through their website and building a relationship with MyMusicTaste staff. When the first fanmeet in Chicago was announced by SubK in 2016, we supported and volunteered for @SHINeeUSFanmeet’s banner project & held a balloon support project of our own. Through the years we’ve continued to collaborate together with other Shawols to bring balloons, banners, t-shirts, & lightsticks to SHINee events as well as recently providing flowers for SHINee backstage~! ^^ To see more details on our projects, be sure to visit our Projects page!

As we’re nearing SHINee USA’s 2 year anniversary it’s really exciting to see how much we’ve grown in such a short amount of time~! ^^ We’re looking forward to continuing to support SHINee and grow our SHINee World community here in the US until SHINee comes to visit us again~!