About SHINee USA

About SHINee USA


Who Are We?

SHINee USA is a handful of admins that collaborate to share our love for SHINee in the United States. ^^ We coordinate together with other group admins & volunteers to create projects for special events (banner projects, charity events, etc)~! SHINee USA offers a home base for all US Shawols and provides news about all of the opportunities to support SHINee here in the States! In addition to that, we have a membership roster for our group to keep track of our 1000% dedicated fans! ^^ We currently have almost 4,600 followers on Twitter & 3,000 on Facebook and are growing by the day~!


Our History

SHINee USA began as a Facebook group, private forum (shineeusa.net), & Twitter (@shineeusaforums) in May 2015. At the time, SHINee had never come to the US for a solo event (concert/fanmeet) and we honestly had no idea how many Shawol fans were truly here to support SHINee (over 12,000 apparently!). There was no central fangroup that US Shawols rallied around outside of SHINee Forums International so we decided to start a forum of our own. ^^ Over time, the shineeusa.net forum was changed to the blog that exists today~! Thanks to our membership project, the original forum concept has been given a new life through our secondary private Facebook group for our official members where Shawols are able to meet other Shawols within their own state & region~! Through the membership project, you can also receive our monthly newsletters to keep up with SHINee’s latest activities~!



Read about our projects on our “Projects” page~!


As we’re passing SHINee USA’s 4 year anniversary it’s really exciting to see how much we’ve grown over the years~! ^^ We’re looking forward to continuing to support SHINee and grow our SHINee World community here in the US until SHINee comes to visit us again~! ❤ Please join us & we hope to see you soon!