Taemin: X™️ Concert & 3rd JP Mini Album 8/28 Release!

Taemin: X™️ Concert & 3rd JP Mini Album 8/28 Release!




Release Date: August 28, 2019


    1. ??? [Title Track]
    2. Colours
    3. Slave
    4. ???
    5. ???
    6. ???


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  • Limited Edition A: Photobook Ver.
    【CD】 + 【PHOTOBOOK 60P】
    ¥ 3,480 + tax (including tax ¥ 3,758) / UPCH-29340
  • Limited Edition B: Movie Ver.
    【CD】 + 【Music Video & Behind the Scenes Making】
    ¥ 2,980 + tax (including tax ¥ 3,218) / UPCH-29341
  • Regular Edition
    【CD ONLY】
    ¥ 2,380 + tax (¥ 2,570 incl. Tax) / UPCH-20528


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  • Multi-file (217 mm × 110 mm): Tower Records / TOWER mini / TOWER RECORDS ONLINE
  • Clear Poster (A3 size): HMV / HMV & BOOKS Online
  • IC Card Sticker: TSUTAYA RECORDS, TSUTAYA Online Shopping
  • Clear File: Rakuten Books
  • Clear card case: Amazon.co.jp
  • Polaroid-style photo card: UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE
  • Poster (B3 size): Other, shops except those listed above (Ex: CDJapan)


If you would like for your purchase to count on Oricon, you must purchase your album through someone that is buying the album directly in Japan (fan organized group orders, eBay [look for users shipping “From Japan”], etc.) -OR- You can purchase through through a proxy service like Buyee, From Japan, Tenso, etc. More information on Oricon can be found here~! For overachievers who want to count on Oricon and get those pre-order bonuses, services like Buyee are going to be your friend (all Japanese purchase links can be found Taemin’s website). According to J-Shawols, Fanclub versions do not count on Oricon.


Taemin’s 3rd Japanese mini album was announced on the first day of Taemin’s 1st Arena Tour 「TAEMIN ARENA TOUR 2019 ~X™️~」, June 8th, 2019. The arena tour began 7 months after his last tour in Japan in the Fall and is scheduled to run from June 8th-August 7th. With its announcement, the album has not yet been named, but on the first day of X™️, Taemin said that the new mini album would have 6 songs in total including 2 songs performed at the concert: “Slave” & “Colors”. Neither of these two songs are the title track which he said will be an intense dance track like “hip-hop”. The new album will have 3 versions: Regular & 2 Limited Editions. You can follow SHINee’s Japanese Twitter, Instagram, & Taemin’s JP Website for the latest updates~!

3rd Mini Album Release Date …. 8/28 Physical~!





MV + Promotion Playlist





Goods Information
Tour Schedule (Our Schedule)


  • -VCR: Intro-
  1. ACE (KR)
  2. Tiger
  3. Press Your Number (JP) + “Welcome to X™~!”
  4. One By One (KR)
  5. WANT (KR)
  6. Eclipse
  7. Truth (KR)
  8. Mars
  9. Stone Heart + Do It Baby


  10. Shadow (KR)
  11. Into the Rhythm

    -MENT: Introductions-

  12. COLOURS ☆
  13. Already (KR)
  14. Artistic Groove (KR)
  15. Pretty Boy (KR)


  16. Play Me (KR)
  17. Drip Drop (JP)
  18. SLAVE ☆


  19. I’m Crying
  20. Itsuka Kokode
  21. Sekaide Ichiban Aishitahito
  22. Sayonara Hitori


  23. Holy Water


  24. MOVE (KR)
  25. What’s This Feeling?


  26. Danger (Sherlock Remix) (JP)

Length: ~2 hr 20 min



Videos: (See YouTube video playlist above)




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