Taemin: X™️ Concert & “Famous” 3rd JP Mini Album 8/28 Release!

Taemin: X™️ Concert & “Famous” 3rd JP Mini Album 8/28 Release!




Release Date: August 4, 2019 (digital)
August 28, 2019 (physical)


    1. Famous [Title Track] [Lyrics] [Rom]
    2. Slave [Lyrics]
    3. Tease [Lyrics]
    4. Exclusive [Lyrics]
    5. It’s You [Lyrics]
    6. Colours [Lyrics]


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  • Limited Edition A: Photobook Ver.
    【CD】 + 【PHOTOBOOK 60P】
    ¥ 3,480 + tax (including tax ¥ 3,758) / UPCH-29340
  • Limited Edition B: Movie Ver.
    【CD】 + 【Music Video & Behind the Scenes Making】
    ¥ 2,980 + tax (including tax ¥ 3,218) / UPCH-29341
  • Regular Edition
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    ¥ 2,380 + tax (¥ 2,570 incl. Tax) / UPCH-20528



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Taemin’s 3rd Japanese mini album “Famous” was announced untitled on the first day of Taemin’s 1st Arena Tour 「TAEMIN ARENA TOUR 2019 ~X™️~」, June 8th, 2019 (title spoiled by Taemin at concert in Osaka 6/19; confirmed by UMJ on 6/25 – just after the music video shooting). The arena tour began 7 months after his last tour in Japan in the Fall and is scheduled to run from June 8th-August 12th. With its announcement, the album has not yet been named, but on the first day of X™️, Taemin said that the new mini album would have 6 songs in total including 2 songs performed at the concert: “Slave” & “Colors”. Neither of these two songs are the title track which he said will be an intense dance track like “hip-hop”. The new album will have 3 versions: Regular & 2 Limited Editions. You can follow SHINee’s Japanese Twitter, Instagram, & Taemin’s JP Website for the latest updates~!
The MV for ‘Famous’ was released on 7/27 along with the digital pre-order. During the pre-order period, fans could download the title track as a pre-release before the full album drops digitally on 8/4. Rikimaru was the choreographer for ‘Famous’ and he was also the choreographer for Taemin’s other songs ‘Tiger’, ‘Into The Rhythm’, ‘Mars’, ‘Eclipse’, and ‘Slave’. Rikimaru said that the choreography was inspired by Medusa’s snakes turning people to stone in Greek mythology, wanting Taemin to entrance his audience.

3rd Mini Album Release Date …. 8/4 Digital & 8/28 Physical~!





MV + Promotion Playlist





SOLD OUT: 150,000 fans / 17 Concerts / 7 Locations


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  • -VCR: Intro-
  1. ACE (KR)
  2. Tiger
  3. Press Your Number (JP) + “Welcome to X™~!”
  4. One By One (KR)
  5. WANT (KR)
  6. Eclipse
  7. Truth (KR)
  8. Mars
  9. Stone Heart + Do It Baby


  10. Shadow (KR)
  11. Into the Rhythm

    -MENT: Introductions-

  12. COLOURS ☆
  13. Already (KR)
  14. Artistic Groove (KR)
  15. Pretty Boy (KR)


  16. Play Me (KR)
  17. Drip Drop (JP)
  18. SLAVE ☆


  19. I’m Crying
  20. Itsuka Kokode
  21. Sekaide Ichiban Aishitahito
  22. Sayonara Hitori


  23. Holy Water


  24. FAMOUS
  25. MOVE (KR)
  26. What’s This Feeling?


  27. Danger (Sherlock Remix) (JP)

Length: ~2 hr 20 min



Videos: (See YouTube video playlist above)





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