(Jonghyun at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl KTMF 2016 – Photo: @Broomy408)


Full Name: Kim Jonghyun / 김종현
Birthdate: April 8, 1990~Dec. 18, 2017
Position: Vocalist
Extra Skills: Radio DJ, Songwriter, Composer, Author
Nicknames: Bling Bling Jonghyun, Puppy, Dino, Lee Taemin Fanclub President, Jamong (grapefruit)



Jonghyun went to an all boys middle school and a Christian high school (Mount Zion) before attending Seoul Music Institute as a trainee. He dropped out of high school in 10th grade to focus on SHINee and later earned his GED. Jonghyun was scouted while playing a show with his schoolmate band named ZION. He originally played the bass guitar (hence part of the reason for the naming of his “Base” album – meant to be the base from which he pursued his solo music). He then auditioned at SM’s 2005 casting and passed, beginning his training at age 15 (debuted at 18). Jonghyun said he sang R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” for his audition in a 2011 Anan magazine interview. Jonghyun’s official position at debut with SHINee was as their “Main Vocalist” (Onew’s title was “lead vocal”). Vocally, Jonghyun’s parts in SHINee songs were usually the highest and he made a lot of vocal riffs/runs/adlibs that the members later jokingly called Jonghyun’s “gyaong” on the Yang and Nam Show. SHINee didn’t have very many solos on their albums but Jonghyun featured solo on the first album’s “혜야/ Y Si Fuera Ella” and had a duet with Onew on the Romeo EP called “잠꼬대 (Please Don’t Go)”. Under SHINee, Jonghyun was credited with releasing his first published lyrics, their 2009 title song “Juliette” from SHINee’s 2nd EP “Romeo”. After that, the only album Jonghyun did not contribute lyrics to was their “2009 Year of Us” EP. All of SHINee’s other albums had at least one or more songs written or composed by him. The only other SHINee title track to date that he has written the lyrics for was 2015’s “View” from SHINee’s 5th full studio album “Odd”. These lyrics were notably chosen out of 30 lyric submissions from other writers. Before going solo, Jonghyun had already written the lyrics of 12 songs for SHINee. [Read our full 10 page bio here]


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Music Show Awards

| Deja-Boo: 8 | She Is: 2 | Shinin’: 2 |

| Inkigayo: 1 | The Show: 3 | Show Champion: 2 | MCountdown: 1 | Music Bank: 2 | Music Core: 3 |