Taemin: “TAEMIN” 1st JP Album 11/5 & 11/28 Release~!

Taemin: “TAEMIN” 1st JP Album 11/5 & 11/28 Release~!

Taemin’s newest Japanese release “TAEMIN” comes 1 year after his 2017 “Flame of Love” EP and at the conclusion of his 2 month long ~SIRIUS~ Hall Tour across Japan – his first Japanese tour. Although he began his journey as a soloist in Japan back in 2016 with his 1st EP “Sayonara Hitori”, his latest album “TAEMIN” will be Taemin’s first full length Japanese album and contains the hits from his previous EPs as well as 5 new songs. “Eclipse” and “Mars” were pre-released as singles on iTunes JP (and US streaming services) on 9/26/18 & 10/14/18 respectively. On Nov. 1st, the full album will go up on iTunes JP for pre-order, with a full release on Nov. 5th. During the pre-order period, fans will be able to download 5 of the new songs: “Into the Rhythm”, “Under My Skin”, “Better Man”, “HOLY WATER” and “What’s This Feeling”. The physical album release will come much later on Nov. 28th~! See below for details!



*Songs in bold are new/unreleased songs.

  2. Into The Rhythm (ROM/LYRICS)
  3. Drip Drop (Japanese Version)
  4. Flame of Love
  5. Under My Skin (ROM/LYRICS) <<[TITLE TRACK]
  6. Danger (Japanese Version)
  7. Better Man (ROM/LYRICS)
  8. Press Your Number (Japanese Version)
  10. What’s This Feeling
  12. さよならひとり[Rom: Sayonara Hitori]


Official Website


Taemin’s “TAEMIN” – 1st Japanese Album release date: 11/28/18 [Physical] & 11/5/18 [Digital]~!





Digital Purchase & Streaming

Physical Purchase (Details)



“Sales of Japanese music products that are shipped internationally will not be reflected in the Oricon charts.” – YesAsia 
“Please note that Oricon does not count any data of products that are sent overseas, and CDJapan is no exception.” – CDJapan

** If you would like for your purchase to count on Oricon, you must purchase your album through someone that is buying the album directly in Japan (fan organized group orders, eBay [look for users shipping “From Japan”], etc.) -OR- You can purchase through through a proxy service like Buyee, From Japan, Tenso, etc. More information on Oricon can be found here~! For overachievers who want to count on Oricon and get those pre-order bonuses, services like Buyee are going to be your friend. According to J-Shawols, Fanclub versions do not count on Oricon.**


Physical Album Details

「TAEMIN」Release: 11/28/18

◆ First Press Limited Edition【CD】+ 【DVD】+【PHOTO BOOKLET (24P)】
Product Code:UPCH-29310
Price:3,980 Yen (+tax)◇ CD Tracklist (same for all 3 releases)01. ECLIPSE
02. Into The Rhythm
03. Drip Drop (Japanese Version)
04. Flame of Love
05. Under My Skin
06. Danger (Japanese Version)
07. Better Man
08. Press Your Number (Japanese Version)
09. MARS
10. What’s This Feeling
12. さよならひとり◇ DVD (Region All expected)

  • 「Danger (Korean Version)」Music Video
  • 「Drip Drop (Korean Version)」Music Video
  • 「Move (Korean Version)」Music Video
  • 「さよならひとり」Music Video
  • 「Press Your Number (Korean Version)」Music Video
  • 「Flame of Love」Music Video
  • 「Under My Skin」Music Video
  • Jacket & Music Video Shooting Sketch


◆ Normal Edition 【CD】+【PHOTO BOOKLET (16P)】
Product Code:UPCH-20499
Price:3,000 Yen (+tax)◇ CD same as Limited Edition


Fanclub Edition【CD】+【DVD】+【PHOTO BOOKLET (64P)】
Product Code:PDCN-1917
Price:3,980 Yen (+tax)◇ CD same as Limited Edition◇ DVD (Region All expected)Footage recorded October 11, 2018 at “TAEMIN Japan 1st TOUR
~ SIRIUS ~” in Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall.

  1. 「Move」
  2. 「Sexuality」
  3. 「Tiger」

※To buy fanclub edition, you must be a member of SHINee World J
or purchase it from someone who is (or check eBay / Yahoo Auctions JP).

Pre-Order Bonuses (src.)

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  • Thank you so much for the helpful information!!. I ordered all three. (I actually got my preorder of the LE from Amazon Japan today and the photobook is lovely. I really love that the DVD is all regions. And, of course, the album is amazing. 🙂

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