Taemin Performs to Sold-Out Crowd at Hollywood Bowl’s 17th Korea Times Music Festival (KTMF 2019)

Taemin Performs to Sold-Out Crowd at Hollywood Bowl’s 17th Korea Times Music Festival (KTMF 2019)


This past weekend, on Saturday, April 27th, Taemin performed at the 9-story Hollywood Bowl…

…in Los Angeles, California for the 17th annual Korea Times Music Festival to a sold out audience of 20,000 people. This festival has a long tradition of hosting popular Korean musicians for a weekend family-style concert where attendees are invited to bring their families of all ages to enjoy the concert with their own picnic baskets and wine. This was not the first time SHINee has attended KTMF. In fact, SHINee has performed at this event – originally known as the “Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl” – both in 2009 and 2016. However, this performance will be marked as Taemin’s first solo gig in the US. The festival also coincides with the Korea Times newspaper’s 50th anniversary.


Taemin arrived to LA on Friday, April 26th – the day before the festival. He was greeted nicely by a small group of fans who adorned him with flower bouquets, fan letters and artwork.


“The excitement of Hallyu fans at the LAX Tom Bradley terminal was overflowing, especially those who came to see top class idol group SHINee’s youngest member, Taemin, who became known as a “special Ace” after his solo debut. From the moment Taemin appeared at the entrance – even to an emergency bathroom pitstop – a mass non-Korean fans shouted almost as though to be heard beyond the airport itself, and followed Taemin, who said “I’m really looking forward to this Hollywood Bowl performance a lot,” after slightly removing his black mask and showcasing his characteristic shining smile.” – Korea Times

“I still can’t believe I’m performing on Hollywood Bowl stage by myself. It’s a dream stage for me, so I’m very moved I am able to perform in the midst of such excitement.” – Taemin, Korea Times



(Photo by Korea Times)


This year’s concert also hosted other artists like Super Junior, Apink’s Eunji, Lovelyz, Ha Sungwoon (formerly of Wanna One), Kim Beom-Su, Kang Hyejung & Choi Wonhyun (Korean opera duet), Choi Jin-hee, Tae Jin-ah, DJ doc, & 6band. The evening was emceed by famous comedian Kim Yeong-cheol and Lovelyz’s Kei. The Los Angeles Korean Music Festival boasts of being the largest Korean cultural festival in the world and as such, performers addressed guests mostly in Korean instead of English.

Taemin was the second-to-last performer of the night, opening with his hit song “MOVE” to a very energetic audience. After performing his first song, a sensual dance track, Taemin paused to greet the audience as “SHINee’s Taemin”, reflecting on the nice memories he created at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl in prior years with his SHINee members. From this short break, Taemin changed the mood by singing his popular ballad “Hypnosis”, asking his SHINee World fans to sing along. Fans swayed with banners and lightsticks to Taemin’s beautiful performance. After the song, he thanked everyone for following along and ended his set with a HOT HOT performance of his latest popular song, “WANT”, released only months ago in February.


“When the stars Apink’s Eunji & SHINee’s Taemin appeared on stage, the screams of thousands of Hallyu fans seemed to have no end in sight, and even the middle-aged audience members fell for these new K-pop hit songs as they moved to the rhythm.” – Naver



The stars excitedly took photos backstage to save these good memories. “It’s too bad I wasn’t able to perform with the rest of the SHINee members, but I really enjoyed myself because so many fans came. I’m so thankful the fans from all sorts of fandoms shared their passion with me in this amazing venue.” – Taemin, Korea Times


Many fans came from far and wide to attend the show. For all concert goers, SHINee USA provided 2,000+ free banners (paid for by SHINee USA donors & distributed by volunteers) that read in a mix of English & Korean “HOT HOT! TAEMIN is finally here!”. During the final performance of the show, all performers were invited back on stage for one last encore of JYP’s “날 떠나지마 (Don’t Leave Me)” & Psy’s “Champion”. Taemin walked around greeting fans, taking a moment to swipe (and subsequently return) one of SHINee USA’s “HOT HOT!” banners from a fan, pausing for a quick selfie with Shawols, and placing a flower crown offered to him on a fan’s head instead of his own.


(Please turn on CC to watch with English Subtitles provided by SHINee USA)


After the show, Taemin trended #2 on LA’s Twitter Trending thanks to many fans’ enthusiastic response to Taemin’s performances, using the hashtag #USA_WANT_TAEMIN to ask for a Taemin World Tour.


The night was a fun for all and we’re grateful for everyone who came out to support Taemin and the SHINee USA banner project! The photos below are provided by Project Admin Agnes Lu. Please enjoy them and reminisce on all of your favorite moments from the 2019 KTMF~! To view her other photos, please follow @AgnesLu5 on Twitter.



KTMF Brochure – Taemin Bio

The captivating group that tugs upon the hearts of young women with powerful performances, charming vocals, and singing ability, group SHINee’s youngest member Taemin makes his attack solo. SHINee Taemin, known as “The strongest performance idol”, is focusing on solo activities as the rest of his members are serving in the army. Even though he is alone, his new music and stages, along with overwhelming stage presence reminds one of all five members of SHINee. After successfully completing his solo concert at the Olympic Park last March, this 25-year-old man is poised to share his power and unrivaled music with the world.

SHINee Taemin began his solo activities with his first mini album, “ACE” in 2014. With five years under his belt, his distinctive music color and powerful performance is exploding in popularity not only in Korea but also Japan’s Oricon charts. From first place chart-topping songs in multiple countries, “MARS” and “ECLIPSE” to the seductive song radiating attractive homme fatale of “WANT” he shows us the definition of talent as a solo male singer.” – Scan & Translation provided by SHINee USA Staff Translator


KTMF 2019 Photos



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