TAEMIN: “WANT” 2nd Korean EP 2/11 Release~!

TAEMIN: “WANT” 2nd Korean EP 2/11 Release~!

Taemin’s 2nd Mini Album “WANT” …

… comes a year and a half after his first full length album “MOVE“! “WANT” will have 7 songs including the title track “WANT” and will be released in 4 versions (2 physical albums & 2 Kihnos – see below). Taemin’s first performance of this promotion period will be at his showcase on 2/11. A week prior to the official announcement of the album, Taemin was featured in a magazine interview & cover photoshoot for Grazia Korea (see below)~! The first teaser images for “WANT” were posted on Jan 28th, 2019 via SHINee’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & Taemin’s SMTown Homepage. Be sure to follow for the latest updates~!

“WANT” Release Date …. 2/11 6pm KST Digital & 2/12 Physical~!






  1. WANT [Title Track]
  2. Artistic Groove
  3. Shadow
  4. Truth
  5. Never Forever
  6. 혼잣말 (Monologue)
  7. WANT ~Outro~





*In no preference order – all of these stores should count toward Hanteo/Gaon. If you find evidence that contradicts this, please let us know via our contact form so we can update~! ^^


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Aladin US  [Guide] (no posters)
| Physical | Kihno |
| Physical | Kihno | **If ordering 2, both versions will be sent – Kihno can only be shipped 1 per package due to battery**
| Physical: Random ver., WANT ver., MORE ver., 2-Set | Kihno: Random ver.WANT ver., MORE ver., 2-Set |
| Physical | Kihno | **If ordering 2, both versions will be sent**
| Physical: Random ver. (Poster), WANT ver. (Poster), MORE ver. (Poster), 2-Set (Poster) |
| Kihno: Random ver. (Poster), WANT ver. (Poster), MORE ver. (Poster), 2-Set (Poster) |


USA Local (Please check if your local store counts toward Korean charts & let us know~! As of right now, none do that we know of. )




<<USA & US Billboard>>

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** If you choose to purchase the album physically, please be sure to buy at least the title track on iTunes & stream on Spotify/Apple Music
to show your USA support and get Taemin into BILLBOARD CHARTS~! Let’s reach #1 on the World Album Chart for Taemin!! ^^ **



** Support SHINee Korean Support Masterlist (guides for voting, streaming, etc in KOREA) **

((Korea Melon:  Because of the new i-PIN requirement, streams will not be counted on unverified accounts.
You must be a Korean citizen/resident to have an i-PIN.))


An Excerpt from our Music Chart Guide: “Korea has multiple digital streaming & purchasing services and each have a realtime chart of their own! Here is a list of the current Digital Services (each have their own chart): Bugs, Genie, Soribada, Olleh Music, Melon, Naver Music, Mnet music, & Monkey3.  A great site that compiles all of these in realtime is Instiz iChart (updates every hour on Twitter). But the digital chart that gets recognized for year end awards is Gaon’s Digital Chart (WeeklyMonthly, & Yearly Charts). Gaon also breaks down their combined Digital Chart into Streaming & Download Charts. A prestigious thing for an artist is for a new album/ new song to debut with an “All Kill” – when an artist’s new song/album reaches #1 on ALL Korean digital charts during the first hour/day of release. The best ways for US fans to participate in these charts are: using free Genie passes (100 free stream passes are in physical albums). Streaming through these services WILL contribute to wins on music shows!”


ALBUM DETAILS [Physical & Kihno]

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February – Grazia – [Translation]


PROMOTIONS (See YouTube video playlist above)

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