Taemin: “Final Life – Even If You’re Gone Tomorrow” Amazon Prime J-Drama

Taemin: “Final Life – Even If You’re Gone Tomorrow” Amazon Prime J-Drama

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Release Date: September 8, 2017
Network: Amazon Prime (Japan)
Time Slot: Fridays @ midnight – 12 episodes, 1st 2 ep. air on 9/8
Genre: Action
Role: Son Sion
Homepage: “Final Life” Homepage, Instagram, Twitter
Stream: Amazon Prime US [ENG SUB]
Theme Song: “What’s This Feeling” – Taemin | Purchase Now on JP iTunes~! [Guide] | Available Now on US Apple Music & Spotify!! | [LYRICS]



“Two men who had been leading their lives in completely different worlds meet and solve difficult cases that occur one after another on the same team as a ‘special unit/squad’ of the police’s secret organization. Will bring the action, sadness, and the fate of love on a world-class scale.” (cr. @MrEdwardSanders)

Taemin’s Role

Son Sion – He has the brains to graduate at the top of a class from a top level Medical School in the United States. He was living his days happily with his beloved girlfriend, but he is subjected to a terrifying experiment in his brain/head and loses all of his memory. (cr. @MrEdwardSanders)


“Taemin who is appearing in a Japanese drama for the first time said, “Though I struggled, I did my best to say the Japanese and English lines! Since it was a role that required detailed expressions besides the words (saying the lines), it was difficult,” as he looked back. But he appealed that, “I did my best giving it a lot of thought and listening to advice so please look forward to it!” (cr. @MrEdwardSanders)


OST – “What’s This Feeling” (Taemin)

Lyrics: @mredwardsanders



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