Taemin: “MOVE” 2nd Kor. Album Release 10/16~!

Taemin: “MOVE” 2nd Kor. Album Release 10/16~!


… Comes 1 year and 8 months after his first full album “Press It”, his last Korean release, and only a few months after his recent JP mini album “Flame of Love”! The new album will have 9 tracks, featuring the title track “MOVE”, a rhythmical dreamy PB R&B song. SM opened a new @SHINee Twitter handle to go along with this album release. Be sure to follow it for the latest updates~! The first teasers for “MOVE” were released on Oct. 9th via SHINee’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vyrl, V App, & SM’s YouTube. ^^ His first performance of “MOVE” will be at his concert “Off Sick <On Track>” 10/14 & first music show appearance will be Mcountdown on 10/19~!

“MOVE” Release Dates …. Digital: October 16th 6pm KST …. Physical: October 17th~!


(Details on each of these items can be found on @Support_SHINee’s Mega Thread – All items listed CAN be done by US Shawols~!)



PHYSICAL (in no preference order – all of these stores should count toward Hanteo/Gaon*)

*If you find evidence that contradicts this, please let us know via our contact form so we can update~! ^^

Aladin US  [Guide]
Kpopmarket1 – Kpop Market: Amazon/eBay (Associated with the Korean store Lees Music)

USA Local (please check if your store counts toward Korean charts & let us know~! ^^)

** When you get your physical album in the mail, please be sure to privately message (DM) your Genie code to @Support_SHINee. They will convert the code into a free Shawol playlist for us to stream 100 songs free ^^ These streams count on Korean charts~! The codes that come in this album expire on 12/31/17 so please be sure to send them in before then~!**


Korea Melon: iOS iPhone Purchase Guide | Android App Download | Create Melon Account | USA Group Order Shawols

** The only way to purchase Melon in the US is through an iPhone. You cannot buy a pass through Android phones.**

Updated: Giant @Support_SHINee Support Thread~!


(“MOVE” peaked on the US iTunes album chart at #12 on the first day of release~! It also was the #1 K-pop album & song and #4 pop album on US iTunes. It was in the US iTunes top 20 albums for 2 days ^^ It then became the #3 Billboard World Album for the week & #7 the following week. )


US iTunes: Download Now~!

US Spotify & Apple Music: Stream the album on Spotify & Apple Music to count towards Billboard Charts~!

** If you choose to purchase the whole album differently, please be sure to at least buy the title track on iTunes & stream on Spotify to show your USA support and get Taemin into Billboard Charts~! ^^ **



An Excerpt from our Music Chart Guide: “Korea has multiple digital streaming & purchasing services and each have a realtime chart of their own! Here is a list of the current Digital Services (each have their own chart): Bugs, Genie, Soribada, Olleh Music, Melon, Naver Music, Mnet music, & Monkey3.  A great site that compiles all of these in realtime is Instiz iChart (updates every hour on Twitter). But the digital chart that gets recognized for year end awards is Gaon’s Digital Chart (WeeklyMonthly, & Yearly Charts). Gaon also breaks down their combined Digital Chart into Streaming & Download Charts. A prestigious thing for an artist is for a new album/ new song to debut with an “All Kill” – when an artist’s new song/album reaches #1 on ALL Korean digital charts during the first hour/day of release. The best ways for US fans to participate in these charts are: buying a pass on Melon (iPhone required to purchase)using free Genie passes (100 free stream passes are in physical albums), & buying the album on Soribada. Purchasing and streaming through these services WILL contribute to SHINee’s wins on music shows!”







  1. Move [Fanchant: Korean/Romanized]
  2. Love
  3. Crazy 4 U
  4. Heart Stop (Feat. Seulgi of Red Velvet)
  5. Rise (이카루스)
  6. Thirsty
  7. 미로 (Stone Heart)
  8. Back To You
  9. Flame of Love (Kor. Ver.)
  10. **iTunes Bonus** Photobooklet

*Click song names for lyric translations*



[Trans] Album Letters
[Trans] iTunes Photo Booklet Translations



Billboard: “SHINee’s Taemin Teases Performance-Focused ‘MOVE’ Album”
Billboard: “SHINee’s Taemin Drops Sultry ‘MOVE’ Album & Single”
Sellev (video Interview): 가수 태민 / 땀으로 빛나는 샤이니 태민 (Eng Sub)
W Magazine: “A Rare Exclusive Interview with Taemin”
Billboard (written Interview): “Taemin Talks ‘MOVE,’ Gender Stereotypes & Pushing the Boundaries of K-Pop”
Billboard (video Interview): “TAEMIN Answers an Interview in Anagram Form, Reads YouTube Comments”
Another Man: “Taemin: The Singer Stretching the Boundaries of K-Pop” (video interview)
Tumblr: Live Music Q&A~!
NBC The Today Show w/ Keir Simmons Interview (for 2018 Olympics – aired 2/21/18)~!



[170817] Magazine: Singles Sept.
[170824/31] Happy Together – Part 1 / Part 2 (Official Eng Sub)
[170907-171102] V App+ : “the Taemin: Xtra Cam” – Premium Behind the Scenes footage from his time leading up to the MOVE promotions
[171001/171008] Problematic Men – Part 1 / Part 2 (Eng Sub)
[171017] Taemin “Move” @ Seoul Fashion Week
[171019] Cultwo Show Radio – Eng Sub
[171021] Rooftop Live V App/V Cookie – Full, Rise, Love, Back To You
[171024] SBS Love-FM Eonnine Radio – Eng Sub
[171025] SBS-R POWER FM NCT’s Night Night Radio – Full
[171026] SBS-R POWER FM Lee Gookju’s Youngstreet Radio – Full
[171027] tvN-TV Life Bar (인생술집) ep. 42 – Full
[171029] D-cumentary: TAEMIN Ep. 1 & 2
[171030] JTBC’s Abnormal Summit ep. 172 w/ Minho – Eng Sub
[171031] Busan One Asia Festival – Performance Star Award, Love + MOVE
[171105] MCountdown Backstage – Eng Sub
[171111] Sat Zone Special – Eng Sub
[171122] tvN Wednesday Food Talk w/ Jonghyun – YouTube Playlist, Part 1 & Part 2 full | Eng Sub |
[171125] SBS-TV Master Key w/ Key – Self Cam Eng Sub, Full Eng Sub


Awards & Nominations

2018 Korea Music Awards (industry jury) – Nominated Best Pop Album – “As a line in Move suggests, is a work carried through with ‘dazzling attraction and strange feeling.’ An album that builds up a consistent mood of refined sensuality with as distinguished from the common eroticism from its concept through lyrics and music to performance, doesn’t come to mind easily at least in the k-pop idol scene. With messages of temptation, passion, rise, and thirst in exquisite accordance with Taemin’s full-blown voice, it presents an experience as alluring as to take away your bias against an idol. Selected by Kim Youngdae” Source

Mnet Asian Music Awards (“MOVE” Best Dance Perf Solo, 2017)

Seoul Music Awards (Popularity Award, 2018 – absent/award accepted by Super Junior’s Leeteuk)

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