Members: Onew (leader/oldest), Taemin (youngest), Jonghyun, Minho, & Key
 May 25, 2008
SM Entertainment
Fan Color:
 Pearl Aqua
Fan Club Name: SHINee World / ShaWol (for short)


Awards & Acclaims

First Music Show Win (for “Love Like Oxygen” 9/18/08)

During their debut, SHINee was known as “grand slam” rookies, winning all of the “rookie of the year” awards for 2008 – a rare feat! At debut their ages ranged from 14-18 (international age) and their debut was a secret project – unknown to the media & public until their debut. Consistently recognized for dance, popularity and “contemporary” themed music & fashion, SHINee is also known as trendsetters, constantly paving the road in Korea with their fashion and concepts. Early in their career they popularized skinny jeans on men in South Korea. SHINee received their first music show win only 4 months after debut nominated alongside major groups like Super Junior and Davichi. They also continue to push boundaries by creating music that’s just ahead of the trend with a fusion of pop and new genres for every comeback. When “Juliette” was released, it was the opposite of the Korean public trend at the time – tough, sexy concepts. “Ring Ding Dong” won a triple crown during its release in 2009 – when a song wins for 3 weeks straight on the music programs M! Countdown and Inkigayo and is “retired” (can no longer win). The same happened again with “Sherlock” & “Dream Girl”. They held their first concert 2 years after debut – originally planned for the 88 Gymnasium, it was upgraded to the Olympic Gynmasium because of demand. Their first concert in Japan was sold out before their Japanese debut in 2011. Their sales in Japan was so high with their debut album that the Japanese records association recognized “The First” as a golden album. As of 2017, the group has won 57 awards plus 59 Korean music show awards (the latter is given for being the most popular song of the week). As of 2016, although SHINee has won a bonsang for every year they’ve been active since debut (given to artists with top record sales of the year), they have only won a daesang (Artist/Song/Album of the Year) once in 2013 – a moment which all Shawols are proud of! They’ve won the Popularity Award every year at the Golden Disk Awards from 2009-2017 and the Popularity Award at the Seoul Music Awards 2010, 2012-2015, & 2017. They are also the only idols to have received both the Prime Minister’s Award & Ministry of Culture Award.

Melon Artist of the Year (2013)

ALL KOREAN MVS (playlist)



Most Popular Singles

SHINee’s most popular song to date is their hit track “Lucifer” released in 2010 – which as of writing has just over 80 million music video views on YouTube. They debuted with “Replay: Noona Neomu Yeppeo” (2008), a popular song that appealed to an older potential girlfriend with a message of “you don’t look at me because I’m young but please give me a chance”. To this day, that boy-ish image is what people in Korea associate with SHINee, except now as adults they’re labeled “boys who have become men”. The song that launched them into popularity after their successful debut with “Replay: Noona Neomu Yeppeo” was “Ring Ding Dong” (2009) – a catchy tune that is jokingly said to be banned during exam time in Korea because it’s TOO catchy. Another track that they are well known for is from the wildly popular k-drama “Boys Over Flowers” (based on the equally popular Japanese manga) and that song is “Stand By Me” (see below). While all of their singles after this have been popular, their next big hit wasn’t until their 2015 summer track “View“. “View” was given consistently great reviews and still charts on our US iTunes’ Top K-Pop Song Chart 2 years later. Other songs that continue to chart here consistently are “Sherlock” (2012) and “Lucifer”.


Most popular title tracks:
“Ring Ding Dong” (2009)

“Lucifer” (2010)

“View” (2015)


Most popular OST:
“Stand By Me” (Boys Over Flowers OST, 2009)


Most recent Korean Track:
“Countless” (2018)


Most recent Japanese Track:
“Sunny Side” (2018)


Korean Albums

누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) EP, 2008iTunes

The SHINee World, 2008 – iTunes

A.Mi.Go (SHINee World Repackage), 2008iTunes

Romeo EP, 2009 – iTunes

Year Of Us EP, 2009 – iTunes

Lucifer, 2010 – iTunes

Hello (Lucifer Repackage), 2010 – iTunes

SHINee World I The 1st Concert (Live), 2012 – iTunes

Sherlock EP, 2012 – iTunes

The Misconceptions of You, 2013 – iTunes

The Misconceptions of Me, 2013 – iTunes

Green Rain (Single), 2013 – iTunes

The Misconceptions of Us (MoY & MoM Repackage),
2013 –

Everybody EP, 2013 – iTunes

SHINee World II The 2nd Concert (Live), 2014 – iTunes

SHINee World III The 3rd Concert (Live), 2014 – iTunes

Odd, 2015 – iTunes

Married to the Music (Odd Repackage), 2015 – iTunes

SHINee World IV The 4th Concert (Live), 2016 – iTunes

1 of 1, 2016 – iTunes

1 and 1 (1 of 1 Repackage), 2016 – iTunes

The Story of Light EP. 1, 2018 – iTunes

The Story of Light EP. 2, 2018 – iTunes

The Story of Light EP. 3, 2018 – iTunes

The Story of Light Epilogue (Repackage), 2018 – iTunes

Japanese Albums

** Some but not all JP albums are available to
stream on US Apple Music & Spotify**

Replay Kimi wa Boku no Everything (Single), 2011 – iTunes US
(*The only JP single available in US)

Juliette (Single), 2011 – iTunes JP

Lucifer (Single), 2011 – iTunes JP

The First, 2011 – Apple Music US

Sherlock (Single), 2012 – iTunes JP

Keeping Love Again (Single), 2012 – iTunes JP

1000 Years Always By Your Side (Single), 2012 – iTunes JP

Fire (Single), 2013 – iTunes JP

Boys Meet U, 2013 – Apple Music US

Boys Meet U (Single), 2013 – iTunes JP

3 2 1 (Single), 2013 – iTunes JP

Lucky Star (Single), 2014 – iTunes JP

I’m Your Boy, 2014 – Apple Music US

Your Number (Single), 2015 – iTunes JP

Sing Your Song (Single), 2015 – iTunes JP

DxDxD, 2015 – iTunes JP

Kimi no seide (Single), 2016 – iTunes JP

Winter Wonderland (Single), 2016 – iTunes JP

Five, 2017 – iTunes JP

SHINee The Best From Now On, 2018 – Apple Music US

From Now On EP, 2018Apple Music US

Sunny Side (Single), 2018 – Apple Music US

** For digital purchasing of Japanese albums please refer to our Japanese iTunes Guide. For physical purchases of these albums, please refer to our latest Purchase Guide posts~! Some recent examples are Jonghyun’s “Story Op.2” (Korean Purchase Guide) & SHINee’s “Five” (Japanese Purchase Guide). If you would like to support local businesses, you can check out our Local Purchase post, but if you care about your purchase counting on Korean charts, please double check with the business you’re buying from that they support the Korean Gaon & Hanteo Charts~! **


On Stage

Popular in both Japan & Korea, SHINee has sold out Tokyo Dome five times so far (capacity 55,000) and has performed in the US 13 times since debut. This includes their performance with SMTown at Madison Square Gardens in NYC. Their first solo event in the US was their Chicago Fanmeet on May 8, 2016 (a mini tour with Hallyu North in Toronto & the LA Korea Times Music Festival). They came back later that summer for their Dallas Fanmeet & KCon LA in July. It was announced in Feb. 2017 that they would be returning for their first solo concert in the US – SHINee World V!  They performed to 12,000 fans across the two venues in Dallas & LA (Verizon Theater & Shrine Auditorium)~! This North American tour also included stops in Toronto & Vancouver, Canada.


USA Events

  • 090509 – Korea Times Music Festival – LA @Hollywood Bowl – (Replay & A.Mi.Go)
  • 100904 – SMTown Live ’10 World Tour II – LA @Staples Center – (Stand By Me, Replay, Get Down, Juliette, Taemin/Minho Group Dance Battle, Ring Ding Dong, Up and Down, Quasimodo, The Name I Loved, Lucifer)
  • 111009 – KBS Concert New York Korea Festival – NYC @Overpeck Park in Ridgefield Park, NJ  – (Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong)
  • 111023 – SMTown Live ’10 World Tour – NYC @Madison Square Garden  – (7989 Onew, Stand By Me, Replay, Get Down, Juliette, My First Kiss Key, A-Yo, I Did It for Love Key, Ring Ding Dong, Ready or Not, A.Mi.Go, Nessun Dorma Onew, Taemin/Minho Group Dance Battle, Lucifer) [Billboard Article]
  • 111126 – Billboard K-Pop Masters Concert – Las Vegas, NV @MGM Grand Garden Arena – (Replay, Ring Ding Dong, Hello, & Lucifer)
  • 120520 – SMTown Live World Tour III – LA @Honda Center – (Lucifer, A.Mi.Go, Juliette, The SHINee World, Love Like Oxygen, Can I Have This Dance Onew, Like A G6 Key, One Dream Key, I Did It for Love Key, Ring Ding Dong, Sherlock)
  • 140412 – KBS Open Concert (LA K-Pop Festival) (NO MINHO) – LA @Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum – (Colorful, Delicious ToHeart, Lucifer, Why So Serious, Beautiful)
  • 160507 – Korea Times Music Festival – LA @Hollywood Bowl  – (Sherlock, Aside, & View)
  • 160508 – Chicago Fanmeet @Rosemont Theater  – (Everybody, Hello, Replay, Lucifer, Sherlock, & View)



USA Interviews

SMTown ’10 in LA Presscon (2010)
in2kpop: Billboard K-Pop Masters Concert in Las Vegas (2011)
SMTown ’10 in NYC backstage (2011)
SMTown III in LA Presscon (2012)
Billboard (2013)
Billboard [text], for K-Con (2016)
Soompi, for Chicago Fanmeet (2016)
Beats1 Radio, “Takeover: The Sound of Korea” on Apple Music, likely recorded for Dallas Fanmeet (2016)
CNN [text], for SHINee World V (2017)
Billboard [text], for The Story of Light (2018)
Billboard [text], for 10th Anniversary (2018)
iHeartRadio, for The Story of Light (2018)


Variety Programs

Get to know SHINee offstage with some of their variety show appearances~! These are our A+ must watch favorites! ^^

Hello Baby (2010)

Weekly Idol (2012)

One Fine Day (2013)

Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook Interview (2013)

SNL Korea (2015)

Blue Night w/ SHINee (2015)

Yang and Nam Show (2016)

Weekly Idol (2016)

V App Live (2015~): Married to the Music 12  |  1 of 1 Begins  |

2017 SHINee Variety Shows