KEY: “Cold (feat. Hanhae)” SMStation Release 2/14~!

KEY: “Cold (feat. Hanhae)” SMStation Release 2/14~!

Key is releasing his first Station song with fellow “Amazing Saturday” cast member, Hanhae~! ^^ Key has been performing the song during his recent KEY LAND concerts in Seoul. The single is now available on US music purchase & streaming services. Please show it a lot of love!

Key’s Single “Cold (feat. Hanhae)” releases 2/14/19~!


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USA Music Chart Notes

[US Digital Admin Note What’s listed above will help Key have an international presence via US Billboard & iTunes charts. This will not reflect in any way on Korean sales. Meaning, this will not contribute to year end awards or weekly music shows. Instead, these streams/sales numbers/charts are given to SM and they report on that in their follow up posts about sales: “#1 World Album on US Billboard!” It also shows SM how large the fanbase is in the US and helps us get more content in the future (local concerts/festivals, English subs/interviews, etc.).

US DIGITAL PURCHASE: (Both iTunes & Google Play reflect on Billboard but iTunes has its own realtime sales chart that’s easy for fans to track the progress of AND SM specifically talks about how many countries an album has #1 or Top 10 sales from for iTunes. So please choose iTunes over Google Play Music~ ** 10 song purchases = 1 album purchase )

US DIGITAL STREAMING: Stream the album on Spotify (FREE/paid), Apple Music (paid), & Google Play Music (paid) to count towards Billboard Charts~! (Remember: 1,250 song streams on paid subscriptions = 1 album purchase & 3,750 song streams on “free” subscription services = 1 album purchase. So please stream A LOT~!)


KOREAN Music Chart Notes

[Admin Note]  Please refer to Support SHINee’s guides for more info~~




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  • Even though I am traditional and want that cd in my hand, I’m still buying the iTunes releases and streaming. (Again and Again) I do like “Cold” very much. I’m so glad to see KEY shining!

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