KEY: “Hologram” 1st JP EP 12/21 & 12/26 Release~!

KEY: “Hologram” 1st JP EP 12/21 & 12/26 Release~!

At last~! ^^ Key’s Japanese debut is here!!! Not even a month after his Korean debut with his first album “FACE“, Key is now releasing his first Japanese album, an EP called “Hologram”. The album includes the talents of Coco (featuring artist) & Tetsuya (of L’Arc-en-Ciel – wrote “POWER”). To go along with this release Key will be hosting a concert-like event called “KEY LAND” on 12/22 at Kobe World Memorial Hall & 12/25 at Yokohama Arena. Prior to its digital release on 12/21, two of the songs from “Hologram” (“Hologram” & “Why Are You Here (feat. Coco)”) were pre-released during the iTunes JP pre-order. Key will also be doing a live stream “Key SANTA has come!!” on Christmas Eve (12/24) to celebrate the release of his debut mini album – which will be broadcasted on LINE, Instagram, & Twitter.



  1. Hologram << Title Track [lyrics]
  2. Why Are You Here (feat. Coco)
  3. POWER
  4. City Girl
  5. 群青の夜 ~One of Those Nights (Japanese Ver.)~


Official Website

KEY’s “Hologram” – 1st Japanese EP release date: 12/26/18 [Physical] & 12/21/18 [Digital]~!




Digital Purchase & Streaming

Physical Purchase (Details)



“Sales of Japanese music products that are shipped internationally will not be reflected in the Oricon charts.” – YesAsia 
“Please note that Oricon does not count any data of products that are sent overseas, and CDJapan is no exception.” – CDJapan

** If you would like for your purchase to count on Oricon, you must purchase your album through someone that is buying the album directly in Japan (fan organized group orders, eBay [look for users shipping “From Japan”], etc.) -OR- You can purchase through through a proxy service like Buyee, From Japan, Tenso, etc. More information on Oricon can be found here~! For overachievers who want to count on Oricon and get those pre-order bonuses, services like Buyee are going to be your friend. According to J-Shawols, Fanclub versions do not count on Oricon.**


Physical Album Details

「Hologram」Release: 12/26/18

◆ First Press Limited Edition【CD】+ 【DVD】+【PHOTO BOOKLET (32P)】
Product Code:UPCH-29315
Price:3,480 Yen (+tax)

◇ CD Tracklist (same for all 3 releases)

  1. Hologram
  2. Why Are You Here (feat. Coco)
  3. POWER
  4. City Girl
  5. 群青の夜 ~One of Those Nights (Japanese Ver.)~

◇ DVD (Region All expected)

  • 「群青の夜 ~One of Those Nights (Japanese Ver.)~」Music Video
  • Jacket & Music Video Shooting Sketch


  • KEY’s Christmas Grande Cards (10 photocards)


◆ Normal Edition 【CD】+【PHOTO BOOKLET (12P)】
Product Code:UPCH-20506
Price:2,380 Yen (+tax)

◇ CD same as Limited Edition

Pre-Order Bonuses (src.)

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