KEY: 1st Solo Album “FACE” 11/26 (KR) & 12/26 (JP)~!

KEY: 1st Solo Album “FACE” 11/26 (KR) & 12/26 (JP)~!

Following the release of his single “Forever Yours” feat. Soyou comes Key’s FIRST KOREAN SOLO ALBUM “FACE”~! The album title and cover is widely known by Shawols to be connected to SHINee’s other solo debuts: Taemin’s “Ace” & Jonghyun’s “Base”. The album is set for release on 11/26/18 at 6pm KST. The title song “센 척 안 해 (One of Those Nights)” will feature Crush (크러쉬), a popular Korean R&B / Hip-Hop artist who worked in the past on Jonghyun’s title song “She Is”. Four of the songs on this debut album are penned by Kibum himself: “I Will Fight”, “Easy to Love”, “미워 (The Duty of Love)”, & “This Life”~! At the same time, it was announced that Key will have a JAPANESE DEBUT on December 26, 2018~! This JP release will be accompanied by 2 arena performances named “KEY LAND”.  Read below for more information!


About the Album

Key said in his Press Showcase that he had been preparing for this album for over a year and waited to release the album so as not to rush it.

“This album has songs produced by includes songs produced by Skrillex, Valentino Khan, Kenzie, LDN Noise, Rice n’ Peas, Adrian McKinnon, TAK, IMLAY, and more. ‘Honest’ – I had this demo for a long time. In the early stage of preparing my album, I chose it first. I really like the atmosphere of it. ‘Chemicals’ (produced by Skrillex & Valentino Khan) – I wanted to show I can do something like this too. Just hearing the title ‘센 척 안 해 (One of Those Nights)’ makes you think it’d be an intense dance song, but the lyrics are sad. It’s about how someone acknowledges their sadness and says they’ll win over it. They’re pretending to be ok. Although Crush isn’t a super close friend, I didn’t want to have SM artists feature, and I wanted a unique feel. I thought “Which male singer wouldn’t give off a ‘duet’ feeling,” and ended up working with Crush-ssi, who has a hip-hop feeling. I didn’t have a strong network with Vinxen, but his rapping was so impressive that we contacted his company and they kindly accepted. He’s very shy. I requested him because he writes deep lyrics well, and I thanked him because the result seemed good. “Face” can mean “facing something” or “a person’s face.” I picked it because it seemed to suit my “charging forward” character well. On if I should follow Ace & Base, I didn’t think, “Should I do it or not?” I thought it was only right to do so. SM runs a camp for composers, so a lot of songs are made each time. There are songs written with me in mind and others that aren’t. SM’s system is to play me songs that seem to suit me and ask me about them. Songs are chosen during meetings. Another song was supposed to be included in the album, but it wasn’t because of problems with the composer. Aren’t there always unknown variables like that? So I ended up suddenly having to write ‘미워 (The Duty of Love)’. I’m not sure about the album theme/color myself. I chose songs based on whether I liked them or not. Rather than say, “I’m going to this genre as a soloist,” I think a good artist is one that can express any good genre in their own color.” Translation by @alittlefreakey

” ‘I Will Fight’: Self-written lyrics. It’s a combative song and its repetitive hook is nice. It’s my own resolution as well as a promise to the other party, shouting out to the world. A ‘Living for you’ kinda lyrics. Talks about standing out when seeing something getting bad. ‘미워 (The Duty of Love)’: Self-written lyrics. More of a grumble than hate. Have to read another’s feelings when(we) meet, even so I love you so much. And I am saying it not because I really hate you but I am just complaining to my friend. ‘This Life’: Took part in lyrics writing. To put it beautifully, it’s a ‘let’s have fun at this very moment’ message. If we have to stop immediately tomorrow, what kind of things could we say. Thinking of expressing gratefulness than being tired and to be disliking something. ‘센 척 안 해 (One of Those Nights)’: Sad lyrics. It’s a song that has a lyrical guitar melody. Acknowledge calmly that you are having a tough time/tired. ‘(Korean title 센 척 안 해) Not Acting Strong’ title is actually saying that one is acting strong, acting like it’s okay itself. 10 years can be considered as fast when you say it’s fast, slow if you say it’s slow. As I was promoting, there wasn’t once I regretted but I spent those times well(fun). I felt a huge sense of value. If there wasn’t those times, would I be able to come out here to do anything alone. SHINee is a team that is precious to me where no price can ever take it away from me.” (Could also mean ‘priceless’ like he wouldn’t separate himself from it for any price.) ‘FACE’ isn’t just simply a naming. If I were to connect my members’ solo album, Jonghyun’s ‘BASE,’ Taemin’s ‘ACE’ to follow that, I decided on ‘FACE’ It’s definitely because I wanted to continue the sense of belonging in SHINee. It’s right that I followed my members’ album name.” Translation by @iheartSHINee_

“FACE” Release Date …. Physical: 11/27 & Digital: 11/26 6pm KST~!






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(“FACE” US Charts: #9 Billboard World Albums chart, #20 Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, #14 US iTunes Album Chart~!!)



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KOREAN Music Chart Notes

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Album Details


  1. 센 척 안 해 (One of Those Nights) (Feat. Crush) [Title Track] [Eng Trans]
  2. Good Good [Eng Trans]
  3. Honest
  4. Forever Yours (Feat. Soyou) [Pre-Release Single] [Eng Trans]
  5. Imagine
  6. Chemicals [Eng Trans]
  7. I Will Fight [Eng Trans] [Eng Trans 2]
  8. Easy To Love [Eng Trans]
  9. 미워 (The Duty of Love) [Eng Trans]
  10. This Life [Eng Trans]



  • 2 Versions (Green & White)
  • 2 Poster types
  • 3 Photocards (1 per album, random)
  • Polaroid (random, only 1,126 total)
  • 1 CD
  • 64pg Photobook



*Source: Official Board Post

[ Key – 센 척 안 해 (One of Those Nights) Fanchant ]

1, 2, 3, Kim/Ki/Bum/ Sen/Cheok/An/Hae ]

Oneul bam huhoel jom halkka hae anim jom michideunga meorissok neol jiweo beorige mworado nan jom haeya hae
Seorab sok cheobaka dwotdeon geu sajineul ggeonael ddae ne moksori deulrin geot gateun geon nae chaggak ilkka

Bameun jiteojyeo nae mamsokdo gal got eobseo deo isang sen cheok an hae
Nega ddeonan i gonggan soke mot itgesseo deo mot hae, sen cheok an hae

i kibun mot gyeondigesseo
i bameul mot gyeondigesseo
Oh Yeah deo isang sen cheok an hae

1, 2, 3, 4, Kim/Ki/Bum/ Sen/Cheok/An/Hae ]

An gadeon goseul hemaelkka hae sangcheotuseongi dwege naege jom deo beoleul juryeo hae geureom neo dola olkka bwa

Achimeun ajikdo meoleo jamdeulgin nan geulreosseo sopa wi dwecheokyeo bwado i bange neoneun eobseo

Bameun jiteojyeo nae mamsokdo gal got eobseo deo isang sen cheok an hae
Nega ddeonan i gonggan soke mot itgesseo deo mot hae, sen cheok an hae

i kibun mot gyeondigesseo neon wae yeogi eobseo urin gileul ilheun geoya
ireoke yakhan nainde ireoke yakhan nainde

(i kibun mot gyeondi)gesseo wae yeogi eobseo urin gileul ilheun geoya
ireoke yakhan nainde ireoke yakhan nainde

Bameun jiteojyeo nae mamsokdo gal got eobseo deo isang sen cheok an hae
Nega ddeonan i gonggan soke mot itgesseo deo mot hae, sen cheok an hae

i kibun mot gyeondigesseo i kibun i bameul mot gyeondigesseo deo isang sen cheok an hae
1, Kim/Ki/Bum  Sen/Cheok/An/Hae]




181127 – FACE Showcase
181127 – V App LieV
181127 – Hello Counselor



12/22/18 – Kobe World Memorial Hall
12/25/18 – Yokohama Arena

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