ONEW: 1st Solo Album “VOICE” 12/5~!

ONEW: 1st Solo Album “VOICE” 12/5~!

As a pre-enlistment surprise, it was announced that Onew would be releasing his first solo album VOICE on December 5, 2018 (5 days ahead of his military enlistment on Dec. 10th) to thank fans who have supported him. The album is set to include 2 songs with lyrics written by Onew (real name Lee Jinki), “사랑이었을까 (Illusion)” & “온유하게 해요 (Shine On You)”. Because of the timing of the release with his enlistment, it is not expected to be promoted on music shows. Nonetheless, Shawols have long been eagerly awaiting Onew’s first solo album~! The title of the album “VOICE” keeps to SHINee’s solo album trend that began with Jonghyun’s friendly “plagiarism” of Taemin’s first solo album. Instead of rhyming in English however, Shawols noted the album title still matches in Hangeul (에이스, 베이스, 페이스, 보이스).


“VOICE” Release Date …. Digital: 12/5 6pm KST & Physical: 12/6 ~!




Album Details


  1. Blue [Title Track] [Eng Trans]
  2. 거리마다 (Your Scent)
  3. 동네 (Under the Starlight)
  4. 어떤 사이 (Sign)
  5. 사랑이었을까 (Illusion)
  6. 온유하게 해요 (Shine On You) [Eng Trans]
  7. 또각또각 (Timepiece) [Eng Trans]


  • 2 Versions (Blue & White)
  • 2 Poster types
  • 2 Photocards (1 per album, random)



PHYSICAL (All of these stores should count toward Hanteo/Gaon**)

A physical purchase from the stores below will count toward weekly music shows in Korea~! If you can afford it, please support Key both physically & digitally~! ^^

Aladin US  [Guide] (no posters)
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USA Local (Please check if your local store counts toward Korean charts & let us know~! As of right now, none do in realtime that we know of.)

There are other places you can order from too like Synnara & Gmarket. If you have experience ordering from those places (with US shipping) please let us know~!


**If you find evidence that contradicts this, please let us know via our contact form so we can update~! ^^

DIGITAL (US Billboard)

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to show your USA support and get Onew into the Billboard Charts~! ^^ **


USA Music Chart Notes

[US Digital Admin Note What’s listed above will help Onew have an international presence via US Billboard & iTunes charts. This will not reflect in any way on Korean sales. Meaning, this will not contribute to year end awards or weekly music shows. Instead, these streams/sales numbers/charts are given to SM and they report on that in their follow up posts about sales: “#1 World Album on US Billboard!” It also shows SM how large the fanbase is in the US and helps us get more content in the future (local concerts/festivals, English subs/interviews, etc.).

US DIGITAL PURCHASE: (Both iTunes & Google Play reflect on Billboard but iTunes has its own realtime sales chart that’s easy for fans to track the progress of AND SM specifically talks about how many countries an album has #1 or Top 10 sales from for iTunes. So please choose iTunes over Google Play Music~ ** 10 song purchases = 1 album purchase )

US DIGITAL STREAMING: Stream the album on Spotify (FREE/paid), Apple Music (paid), & Google Play Music (paid) to count towards Billboard Charts~! (Remember: 1,250 song streams on paid subscriptions = 1 album purchase & 3,750 song streams on “free” subscription services = 1 album purchase. So please stream A LOT~!)


KOREAN Music Chart Notes

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Since Onew enlisted immediately when this album was released, there was very little promo content. Regardless, please enjoy this interview he did with K.Will~ ^^


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