[Concert] Jonghyun: INSPIRED in Seoul

[Concert] Jonghyun: INSPIRED in Seoul

Jonghyun’s 4th Korean concert series “INSPIRED” has been announced~!

Ticketing began on 2017.11.15 8PM KST via YES24 and will be held at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium (capacity ~5k) in Seoul Dec. 9~10. Global Packages were posted for sale via SMTown’s Global Travel service. According to Yes24, there will be both seated and standing tickets with a concert length time of about 150min. Tickets went on sale for 110,000 won.



1 – 2017. 12. 9 (Sat)  6pm KST – Olympic Handball Gymnasium, Seoul
2 – 2017. 12. 10 (Sun)  4pm KST – Olympic Handball Gymnasium, Seoul



  1. Crazy
  2. Inspiration
  3. Dress Up
  4. 환상통 (Only One You Need) [New Song]
  5. Neon
    -VCR: Waffle- [New Song]
  6. Deja-Boo
  7. [New Song]
  8. Orbit
  9. 어떤 기분이 들까 (I’m So Curious) [New Song]
  10. Happy Birthday
  11. Christmas Song (untitled) [New Song]
  12. Beautiful Tonight
  13. Lonely
  14. Let Me Out
  15. Cocktail
  16. Moon
  17. She Is
    -Band Introductions-
  18. Young and Rich
  19. Like You
  20. White T-Shirt
  21. Take The Dive’(테이크 더 다이브) [New Song]
  22. Love Is So Nice
  23. Love Belt
  24. Warm Winter
  25. End of a Day

Fan Event Day 1: Banners “INSPIRATION that begins with you” & “Through you we become INSPIRED”



Day 1: Red Velvet,


Fancam Playlist

Coming Soon




Official Goods

Pre-order Dec. 1-5 via 11st.co.kr

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