Jonghyun Solo Magazine Interviews 2015-2017

Jonghyun Solo Magazine Interviews 2015-2017

To celebrate Jonghyun Day 2018, we decided to collect all of Jonghyun’s solo magazine interview translations from 2015-2017 in one place for you to read~! ^^ During the collecting process, we found that a few articles were not translated and requested our wonderful Shawol translators to take on the task to celebrate the time around his birthday. A special thank you to @sullaem, @iheartshinee_, & @real052525 for all of your hard work these past few weeks. ^^ It is my hope as an admin that compilations like these will help fans and budding fans come to better know Jonghyun as a person and artist. It’s impossible to read these all at once so take your time and enjoy~!




  • 2017 May – Esquire – Part 1 & Part 2 – (Blue Night, Story Op. 2)



2 thoughts on “Jonghyun Solo Magazine Interviews 2015-2017”

  • this is such a special treat! i so appreciate the time you took to organize and collect these! i love reading about them and what they have to say–it gives you a deeper insight and understanding of them to know their thoughts about things. my gratitude to you!

  • Thank you so much for pulling these together. And thank you to the translators. Reading these interviews continue to cement in my mind what a special person Jonghyun is. It’s like he was ahead of his time, light years ahead of the rest of us. His thoughts were so profound and deep. It actually makes me look at the world differently. I appreciate him having been in my life.

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