Taemin: “SuperM” + US Debut Coming October!

Taemin: “SuperM” + US Debut Coming October!


Taemin is set to debut in the US with new “super” boy group “SuperM” in October! The new 7 member group will consist of Taemin, EXO’s Kai & Baekhyun, NCT’s Taeyong & Mark, and WayV’s Ten & Lucas. The announcement came in Los Angeles at Capitol Records’ annual 2019 “Capitol Congress” presentation where Lee Sooman was present to introduce this epic “Avengers” level group. You can watch the presentation below~! Social media accounts & an official website were all launched on the same day. Be sure to follow all of the accounts and sign up for SuperM’s newsletter on their website!

Official Website





We have also launched a collaborative SuperM Union to join with NCTzens & EXO-L in supporting the members with their upcoming US events. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram to see the latest!

Press Releases


Billboard: Capitol Congress Summary

“But the news that drew the biggest cheers was the formation of SuperM, a K-pop supergroup composed of Taemin from SHINee, EXO’s Baekhyun and Kai, NCT 127’s Taeyong and Mark, and Lucas and Ten of Chinese band WayV. Seoul-based SM Entertainment founder and producer Soo-Man Lee called the outfit “The Avengers of K-pop,” promising new music in October.” [ Read More ]

Forbes: Interview with Chris Lee (A&R at SM Entertainment)

” “This is a total new formation of a group and artist, and also a totally new form for the business,” Chris Lee, who serves as an A&R executive at SM, on the label’s board of directors and as CEO of Culture Technology Group Asia Europe, reflected to Forbes after the presentation. “We’re maintaining their groups, their solo careers, and on top of this we have this ‘Avengers’ group to pull them together. There’s already an Iron-Man, a Thor, etc; and just like how the Avengers can have their own successful movies, there is a different kind of energy when they are together as the Avengers. We are now creating that as a point of business. We want to create a synergy between their groups, them as solo acts, and the Super M group to create a big wave in this K-pop industry.” ” [ Read More ]

Billboard: Interview with Lee Sooman

“We keep describing them as “Avengers” because I think that’s the best conceptual analogy that will immediately be understood by others. Each Avenger has their own group and Iron Man has his own movie and Thor has his own but together they have an even greater synergy, so like that the members will pursue their own careers and own groups but also join together with synergy, a positive one. …. [Will SuperM only be focused in the U.S. since they’re partnered with American-based Capitol and debuting here in October?] Starting in the U.S., but it’ll always be global. But even on a bigger level, their fandoms are all over the world so it’s a global thing…” [ Read More ]



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