How To Order From Amazon JP

How To Order From Amazon JP



Ever wanted to order from Amazon JP? Let us show you how!


Before we begin, it’s important to note that this method of purchasing from Amazon JP WILL NOT COUNT ON ORICON. This cannot be stressed enough. If you buy from a Japanese retailer and have them ship directly to the US, that sale will not count on Oricon. It must be shipped to somewhere in Japan to count. The best way to count on Oricon is to buy your albums in a Shawol sponsored group order -OR- to use forwarding/proxy services like Tenso, From Japan, Buyee, etc. to buy on your behalf. However, it’s worth mentioning that this method of purchase is the fastest for regular shipping to the US. I usually have my orders within a week. With that explained, let’s begin!


Part I: Translation

    1. Use Google Chrome
    2. Go to
    3. Use Chrome’s Translation feature (see below) to translate the website to English
    4. Click “Login” or “New to use?”

Part II: Creating an Account

    1. Click “New To Use?”
    2. Fill in the form to create a New Account
    3. Confirm your email address with the code emailed to you.


Part III: Shopping

    1. Search for “SHINee” or “Taemin” – if the search isn’t pulling up what you want in English, try using SHINee’s Japanese names.
      • シャイニー (SHINee), テミン (Taemin), キー (Key), ジョンヒョン (Jonghyun),  オニュ (Onew), ミンホ (Minho)
    2. Copy & Paste the black text shown below into Google Translate to make sure the item you want can be shipped to the US.
      • The listings unfortunately don’t get translated in Google Chrome so you will have to manually copy & paste using Google Translate for the details you want to know.
    3. Add the items you want to your cart.




Part IV: Checking Out

    1. After adding your items to your cart, select “Go to Cart”.
    2. Click “Register a Foreign Address”
      • From here, Chrome’s translate feature continues working again.
    3. Double check your order and shipping options.
    4. Add a Credit Card.
    5. Finish checking out! Happy shopping~! ^^







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