SHINee 10th Anniversary Charity Project

SHINee 10th Anniversary Charity Project


[Latin American Fan Project for #SHINee’s 10th Anniversary Information]

#AlwaysByYourSide The SHINee Latin America Fan Union will make a donation on behalf of @SHINee to the Korea Association for Suicide Prevention (KASP) to celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of the band and SHINee World together with them.

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Goal: Make a donation in the name of SHINee to the Korea Association for Suicide Prevention celebrating the 10 years of the band and SHINee World together.

Korea Association for Suicide Prevention Website

As SHINee fans, we consider that a charity action represents everything we have learned in these years from being their fans. They have taught us to think of those who need help the most and to find the light in each situation to be able to move forward. We cannot help but feel devastated that a disease like depression took our Jonghyun away, he who is a being of light that will enlighten us forever, and who for almost 10 years taught us those same values and helped us move forward every time we saw only darkness around us. Therefore, we want to contribute doing our part so that other people who go through this situation can be saved and live their lives to the fullest.

(Source: Original LAFU Project Tweet )


[SHINee USA Contribution]

We would like to do our best in supporting SLAFU’s project from the USA~! It is our hope to be able to raise $1,000 for this project. Donations will be taken from May 7th-May 16th in order to submit our donation in time for SHINee’s 10th Anniversary on May 25th. This project is something we’ve been hoping to do since December and we were waiting for the right project & opportunity to make a charity donation. It’s our hope to continue donating to suicide awareness every year that our group, SHINee USA, is active and we’re proud and happy to be able to help support this project hosted by the Latin American Fan Union this year. ^^




[SHINee 10th Anniversary Charity Project] Thanks to our lovely Shawols who donated & shared our project, we were able to give $1,500 to the Korean Association for Suicide Prevention for ‘s Charity Project on ‘s 10th Anniversary~! ^^ The total donation amount for the project was $2,385 and you can now view the certificate below! This blog post contains the many thoughts of our donors who graciously shared their hearts with us during this project. Even though the donation period was for such a short amount of time, we were still able to raise so much thanks to everyone’s love & support. Our hearts are full and we’re proud & grateful for all the love everyone shared with us for SHINee. Our sincerest thanks to our Shawols~ We know Jonghyun is smiling seeing how much love we are giving to others in his honor. Thank you for being a part of this with us.


★ Amount Donated from SHINee USA to KASP: $1,500 – May 24, 2018★



[Admin Note]

While taking donations for our 10th Anniversary Charity Donation Project to the Korea Association for Suicide Prevention, we got to talk with so many of you Shawols and hear your stories about why you’re donating and what this all means to you. We thought it would be nice to share some of these thoughts from our donors here on our blog~! ^^ Thank you for sharing your hearts with us~


★ Donors Speak ★


“I had so badly wanted to do something in Jonghyun’s honor. I didn’t do much, but being a part of this project helped me immensely. I look forward to being involved in future projects. Thank you for the opportunity!” – D.D.


“I want to help others to not feel trapped, not feel like ending your life is the only way to end the pain. If this donation can be the beginning of helping someone, then we did the right thing in the name of our beautiful lights. Please take time to grieve and heal, as long as it takes. For me, Jonghyun even in his passing has guided me to be the counselor that I was contemplating becoming. Remember cry, laugh, sing, love, and know that someone loves you more than you love yourself. It seems so little but I hope that in this life if we can help just one person, that is enough to make our angel proud. FOREVER and ALWAYS SHINEE AND SHINEE WORLD.” – A.J.


“My daughter suffers from depression and anxiety and has attempted suicide twice. She is considered passive suicidal because she fears going back into the hospital if she tries again but still thinks about it all the time. You would not know this by just seeing her. She looks fine, however I have learned that just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Depression is very real. It breaks my heart that Jonghyun was in so much pain and there was no help. Hopefully our donations can help other people with this devastating disease. For both my daughter and Jonghyun.” – L.H.


“I lost a classmate of mine the summer after I graduated college. He was someone who was bursting at the seams with talent but had trouble seeing the beauty in those talents himself. Like Jonghyun, this friend also passed because of depression. I will continue carrying both of them in my hearts until I see them again and can tell them both that they worked hard and did well. Until then, I hope that my small donation will help someone else in need. Please remember you are not alone.” – J.P.


“This project was important to me because society still sees depression or any type of mental illness as something to be ashamed of, hidden, or ignored. People need help but don’t get it because of the stigma attached to it. We need to champion the cause of awareness. There are no unimportant people. No one deserves to be ignored or told to ‘get over it’. If it’s bothering you enough to make you depressed, it’s definitely something that deserves care & attention.” – J.W.


“This has been a cause that I’ve always been really passionate about because of how personal it is to me. I’ve gone through mild depression myself and have considered suicide a couple of times but I’ve never gone through with it. I’ve always thought that I was such a coward for not having the strength to do it, but I know better now. One of my friends almost killed herself and I didn’t even know about it until later because I was too busy with school to pay attention to her. It made me feel so guilty and even more determined to prevent anything like this from happening again. All I can do is help educate and spread the word for awareness. Little donations to a cause that contributes to this is very important to me. Thank you so much for allowing me to make a difference, even in such a little way.” – C.P.


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