SHINee USA 10th Anniversary Charity Project

SHINee USA 10th Anniversary Charity Project

For SHINee’s 10th Anniversary, we will be contributing to ‘s charity project~! ^^ All donations received will go toward the Korea Association for Suicide Prevention. Please read the form for more info~! Donations made through SHINee USA close May 16th!



[Latin American Fan Project for #SHINee’s 10th Anniversary Information]

#AlwaysByYourSide The SHINee Latin America Fan Union will make a donation on behalf of @SHINee to the Korea Association for Suicide Prevention to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the band and SHINee World together with them.

Latin America Union:
Still Shining SHINee Argentina
SHINee Mexico Forum
SHINee Crew Paraguay
SHINee Peru
SHINee Fans Venezuela

Goal: Make a donation in the name of SHINee to the Korea Association for Suicide Prevention celebrating the 10 years of the band and SHINee World together with the members.

Korea Association for Suicide Prevention Website

As SHINee fans, we consider that a charity action represents everything we have learned in these years from being their fans. They have taught us to think of those who need help the most and to find the light in each situation to be able to move forward. We cannot help but feel devastated that a disease like depression took our Jonghyun away, he who is a being of light that will enlighten us forever, and who for almost 10 years taught us those same values and helped us move forward every time we saw only darkness around us. Therefore, we want to contribute doing our part so that other people who go through this situation can be saved and live their lives to the fullest.

(Source: Original LAFU Project Tweet )

Past Projects by LAFU organizers:
2015 Anniversary Project (cake)
2015 Taemin Birthday Project (w/ Interstaellar)
2016 Jonghyun Birthday Project
2016 Anniversary Project Banner at Konkuk University
2017 Blue Night Final Broadcast Gift


[SHINee USA Contribution]

We would like to do our best supporting this project from the USA. It is our hope to be able to raise $1,000 for this project. We will take donations from May 7th-May 16th. To reach this goal, we would need about 100 Shawols to donate $10 each. Usually we don’t get that many donors for this kind of project, so if you can afford to donate more, that would be amazing! We will post a progress bar throughout the week on Twitter to keep you all up to date! It probably doesn’t need to be explained why this project is so meaningful for us, but this project is something we’ve been hoping to do since December and we were waiting for the right project & opportunity to make a charity donation. It’s our hope to continue donating to suicide awareness every year that our group, SHINee USA, is active and we’re proud and happy to be able to help support this project hosted by the Latin American Fan Project this year. ^^

In addition to this, the timing works out that our Membership/Patron cards should arrive at the end of the month (finally!). If you donate at least $10 to this project as a member of SHINee USA and add an additional $2, we will mail you a card when they arrive~!

**You MUST be a member to get a card. Cards are offered to USA residents ONLY**

Membership Sign-Up Form


Please Read the form for details on how to donate~! ^^

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