Onew: “Play the Field” w/ Kim Yeon Woo

Onew: “Play the Field” w/ Kim Yeon Woo

Onew has a new song release called “Playing the Field” on Kim Yeon Woo’s latest album “Forever Yours”~! The song was co-written by Onew himself with Postino (lyrics will be added when translations are finished)~! ^^ You can buy the song now on US iTunes & stream on Apple Music! This is Onew’s first solo work since August so please give it a lot of support~! ^^

US iTunes: Purchase Now~!
US Apple Music: Stream Now~!
Melon: Puchase/Stream




One of the producers leaked a clip of their recording session on Instagram a little while back and removed it, asking fans to take it down. You can see the video here..

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  • happy happy happy! thanks for the links to download! may this be the start of much more from our Dubu leader!

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