Key: W Korea May 2018 Photoshoot x Coach

Key: W Korea May 2018 Photoshoot x Coach

Key: W Korea MAY 2018



Key is one of four artists in the special [W x COACH] Signature Art Project


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Translations by SHINee USA Staff

180416 – W Korea Instagram: Key Interview – I am SHINee member, Key. I heard that various artists would be working on pieces together with COACH and in my case, I was thinking of painting directly on products and materials. Because things called art are all united, the best thing within what is possible is being able to demonstrate synergy together in the collaboration. So if it’s something I’m able to do, I plan to do it no matter what field it is in.

180416 – W Korea Instagram: Caption – The fourth and final artist of the COACH Artist Series is SHINee’s Key. Everyone who recognizes Key knows that he paints regularly, right? At the photo-shoot Key freely showed off his skills painting live for everyone so you really felt like it was a time to experience the charms of an artist with many talents. Don’t forget that Key’s art will be on display at the exhibit from April 19th. Signature is back! SHINee is back!


180402 – W Korea Instagram: Project Event Information – W Korea readers are all invited. Apply now for anyone curious about the latest artwork of sensible, modern, and cool COACH Signature’s 4 artists (SHINee Key, Kim Choong-jae, Kim Se-dong, and Kim Sang-woo). There will be catering of course, and also live performances as well as signed posters for gifts. Enter time period: April 3-8th~ Event day: April 19th.

180418 – Naver Article



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do your thing , even if this isn't good

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ahhhh #coach 아이고 허리야

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<W X Coach> 시그니처 아트 프로젝트 #1 더블유 코리아 독자 여러분을 초대합니다. 현대적인 감성으로 쿨하게 부활한 코치의 시그니처가 4명의 아티스트(샤이니 키, 김충재, 김세동, 김상우)를 만나 예술작품으로 탄생한 현장이 궁금하다면 지금 바로 응모하세요! 케이터링은 물론, 아티스트의 라이브 퍼포먼스와 친필 사인이 담긴 포스터 선물까지 모두 놓치지 마세요! – 응모기간 : 4월 3일(화)~4월 8일(일) 응모방법 : 더블유 코리아 팔로우 후, 본 게시물에 댓글을 남기고 친구를 소환하면 당첨 확률 UP! 당첨자 발표 : 4/9(월) 초대 인원 : 총 50명(동반 1인 가능) 행사 날짜 : 4월 19일(목) 저녁 7-10시 행사 장소 : 경리단길 ‘6081’ (서울 용산구 녹사평대로 46가길 6) *주류가 제공되므로 만 19세(1999년생) 이상 성인만 참여가능 – @wkorea @coach #CoachNY #CoachSS18 #CoachSignature #wkorea #Wpopup

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