Aladin US Purchase Guide

Aladin US Purchase Guide

About Aladin

Aladin is a Korean retailer that specializes in books & cds/dvds. As such they have a great variety of content from Korean magazines to SHINee concert DVDs~! They do have a small selection of SHINee’s Japanese discography but they’re really expensive. The thing that’s great about Aladin is that as a Korean retailer, your purchases will count toward Korean Hanteo & Gaon charts – but you get the best of both worlds because they have a US branch! So all of your orders over $50 will ship to you for FREE~! You may be wondering why haven’t we talked about this before? Well their interface is all in Korean. But never fear! We’ve got a guide just for you! šŸ™‚

1. Make sure you are on the US version of Aladin (click here)!


2. Create an Account (click images for full size)


3. SHOP~!

You may have to look up certain items like magazines by their Korean names. But for the most part, typing in “SHINee” will help you find a lot of albums without much trouble!

4. Reviewing Your Cart

5. Shipping Options

If you need further details on this, Google Translate will get you through a lot of the details of this. But for a basic breakdown, here’s what you’re looking at!

6. Payment

A lot of this stuff was auto filled for me, but if you’re paying by credit card (I personally use Paypal) I would recommend using Google Translate to work through this (just copy + paste the sections you don’t understand). It’s not usually too far off for translating simple things like these forms šŸ™‚


7. Confirmation

Congrats! You did it! šŸ˜€ Your items are on the way!

7 thoughts on “Aladin US Purchase Guide”

  • Hi, do you think you could tell me where the contact button is on the aladin usa website. I want to talk to them about poster options but idk how //: Thank you !

  • I wanted to point out to anyone from the Philippines….. I have US address but live in the Philippines. Aladin will not accept a Paypal acc with a Philippine address. I am also having trouble getting my payment through with my credit card. (local master card). šŸ™

  • OMG I have been looking for help to order from Aladdin website. I almost gave up until I see your post. You did an amazing work. Thank you so much

    • I mean I don’t usually order $50 worth of goods from them, but the last time I did it was free. Unless they’ve changed the policy, it should still be free shipping to anywhere in the US for orders over $50. And there’s no hidden fees? ^^;; If anything, the more you order with them, the more discount credits you get.

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