[Recap] Lookout Ep. 27/28

[Recap] Lookout Ep. 27/28

Written by Amanda @purpletaem



Prosecutor Do Han has taken the witness stand. He starts by bringing up all the cases the Lookout team has been apart of in the series. Let’s review quickly…

THE MISEO-DONG CASE (Bomi’s family’s murder):

The American accomplice to the crime was allowed to leave the country on Seung-ro’s orders, as a foreigner involved in a crime would have influenced an important political election in the country. Five years later, after the real culprit was caught, Seung-ro ordered he be taken to a safe house for “protection” from Soo Ji to halt the investigation.

Seung-ro counters these accusations easily by calling in Prosecutor Oh, who returned to his side with a bit of bribery. Prosecutor Oh was in charge of the Miseo-dong case, making him much more believable than Proseuctor Do Han.


Soo Ji caught murderer Kim Woo-sung multiple times and the police released him under Seung-ro’s orders. Because of Soo Ji’s interference in these cases, Seung-ro tried to have Detective Nam kill her.

LEE SHIN-HYUK’S CASE (Prosecutor Do Han’s father):

Lee Shin-hyuk, falsely accused of being a spy, was tortured until he confessed. When he returned home six years later he killed his wife (the priest’s/Do Han’s step brother’s mother) while suffering from the after-effects of torture. Prosecutor Do Han grew up and convinced Kyungsoo’s mother, who had originally been forced to condemn his father as a spy, to testify at his father’s retrial and take back her words. Seung-ro found out and had Detective Nam kill her.


Si Wan, Seung-ro’s son, led Yu Na into a building and pushed her off the roof. Seung-ro had Prosecutor Do Han cover it up quietly.

It seems as if these cases don’t have any witnesses or evidence until Prosecutor Do Han reveals on national television that he himself was a witness to Yu Na’s murder as he saw Si Wan leading her into the building and didn’t stop him. Legally, that makes him an accomplice, much to Soo Ji’s shock and horror. After the hearing concludes for the day, she confronts him at the church to confirm his story, and tells him through angry tears she can never forgive him. As she’s leaving she runs into the priest, who gives her Detective Nam’s cell phone and the password to the call recordings, a crucial piece of evidence he had received from Prosecutor Eun-Joong (who had stolen it from his father who was Detective Nam’s attorney in jail).

The next day the hearing continues, and things aren’t looking good for Prosecutor Do Han. He explains to the assembly that the only way he could take down Seung-ro and seek justice for his father was to get close to him and even participate in some of his crimes, which he would use to expose him later. He will accept punishment for his crimes if it helps him successfully prove Seung-ro’s guilt. Again, Seung-ro attempts to discredit him by pulling up his botched DNA test, showing that Shin-hyuk was not Do Han’s father (oops… that backfired). He also pulls up the CCTV footage he edited from the day Yu Na died to prove that Prosecutor Do Han wasn’t even there!

Humiliated on live television, with no evidence to back his words, Prosecutor Do Han looks hopeless as the judge moves to end the hearing…. When our biggest plot twist walks in! It’s Detective Nam, alive and ready to testify!



REWIND! Detective Nam was shown being taken to the hospital after his suicide attempt, but it turns out he wasn’t dead. Prosecutor Do Han convinced Officer Soon-ae to announce him as death to deceive Seung-ro, and then told Detective Nam to think about testifying against Seung-ro at his hearing, which is the only way he could truly assure his family’s safety. He appears at the hearing at the last second and attests to all the things Prosecutor Do Han said previously.


(Kyungsoo & Bomi watch Detective Nam admit the murder of Kyungsoo’s mother)


Finally, Seung-ro begins to lose his cool, but there is still no decisive evidence. The recordings of Detective Nam’s conversations with Seung-ro are with Soo Ji, who can’t appear at the hearing without being arrested immediately, and the hearing will be over before she can get there…

But wait! Did you forget we have a genius hacker on our side? ^^ Thinking quickly, Soo Ji calls Kyungsoo and tells him to hack into Detective Nam’s phone and broadcast the recordings using the news vans’ speaker systems that are parked outside. Seung-ro’s unmistakeable voice is suddenly filling the assembly room, confirming everything Prosecutor Do Han and Detective Nam said, and even showing how Seung-ro suspected Do Han and looked into his history. Prosecutor Do Han’s stares down Seung-ro with a half-crazed, half-relieved grin on his face, and Seung-ro finally looks defeated. After the hearing Seung-ro is arrested for instigating murder and threats. Detective Nam must return to jail as well, but he apologizes to Officer Soon-ae for everything he did and asks that she look after his family. Soo Ji shows up after they’ve been taken away and reminds Officer Soon-Ae of her promise to arrest her after Seung-ro was convicted. Soo Ji and Prosecutor Do Han are cross-examined back at the police station, where Do Han admits to manipulating and using Soo Ji for his aims. He also admits that Yu Na’s death and what happened afterwards with the investigation wouldn’t have happened if not for him.

Meanwhile Yu Na’s case has been reopened, which means Si Wan will be under investigation again. However Si Wan’s still determined to finish what he started with Soon Ae’s daughter Se Won, and makes several attempts to gain her trust back which she doesn’t fall for. However, when she finds his fake suicide note in her desk she is tricked into running to the roof, where he traps her in a storage closet.


(Do Han smiles victorious as Seung Ro finally is caught)



No preview this week.


Wow… this episode was insane, but somehow everything managed to turn out okay. I clapped and shouted so many times while I was watching. Si Wan’s faked suicide note was very clever: “I’ll go out the same way Yu Na did”, of course that would lead Se Won straight to the roof. Just when it seemed like all the plotholes were worked out, Se Won is thrown into danger. Not only that but now that Soo Ji’s in police custody and her mother is busy with the investigations… who’s going to save her?? I love Bo Mi and Kyungsoo more with each passing episode. I really hope in the last two episodes they have a lot of screen time! I’m going to miss them ;-;



Ep. 27

Nielsen: 8.3%
TNMS: 9.0%

Ep. 28

Nielsen: 9.7%
TNMS: 9.1%


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