[Recap] Lookout Ep. 19/20

[Recap] Lookout Ep. 19/20

Written by Amanda @purpletaem


Finally! Prosecutor Do Han and Priest Kwan Woo are confronted by Soo Ji. (To avoid confusion the prosecutor will still be referred to as Do Han.) She’s able to prove Prosecutor Do Han is their leader by piecing together the hand-drawn stationery their missions had been written on with a paper she found inside his desk. In response Do Han shows her the footage he got of her breaking into his apartment, which could look like she planted fabricated evidence. But Soo Ji had already thought of that, and since she knows they need her to carry out their plan, she forces them to give her the information she wants by calling the police and making sure they’re coming to get her. In reality, Soo Ji called Bo Mi who put her on speaker so she could talk to the police through a burner phone Kyungsoo was holding without giving away her location.

Prosecutor Do Han admits that his goal is to take down Yoon Seung Ro. He even used Yoo Na’s death as an opportunity to get closer to him, which Soo Ji claims makes him just as bad as Seung-ro himself. Bo Mi and Kyungsoo arrive. Soo Ji takes out a camera she had been using to record the conversation and tosses it to Kyungsoo, who tells Do Han he’ll post it on the internet if he doesn’t cooperate.

Meanwhile the police find the burner phone Kyungsoo and Bo Mi left. Prosecutor Eun Joong suspects Do Han is with Soo Ji when he doesn’t pick up his phone and tells the Task Force team to go to Do Han’s location. The Priest Kwan Woo goes outside to stall them while Do Han and the others get away. Bo Mi and Kyungsoo are caught while trying to divert attention from the place Soo Ji and Do Han were hiding, but Kyungsoo gets away and cleverly thinks to hack into the church speakers and play gunshot sounds to distract the police.

Soo Ji and Do Han are caught while running to his car and Soo Ji improvises by putting a gun to his head and taking him “hostage”. The police are forced to let them get into the car and drive away, but they follow the vehicle. Kyungsoo is able to sneak up behind the one officer left to guard Bo Mi and knock him out so they can escape and follow Soo Ji and Do Han. They’re able to lose the police by blocking the road to let Kyungsoo and Bo Mi get away and then backing down a one lane road (thanks to Do Han’s skillful driving).

With a gun still to his head, Soo Ji tries to demand he tell the reporters about Yoo Na’s case in the hopes that it would prompt a re-investigation, but he replies that Seung Ro would only blame him for everything and find someone to replace him. Do Han tells her it’s been thirty years since Seung Ro tortured his father to near-insanity and Seung-ro doesn’t even remember it happened. *flashback* When Do Han’s father found out the man who tortured him had been living a happy life while he had been living in fear and misery, he broke, drinking bottles of soju by himself and killing his wife when she tried to stop him. Do Han and Kwan Woo (the priest) came home and found Do Han’s father sitting next to Kwan Woo’s mother’s dead body. Do Han later tried to make a case that his father had been suffering from the aftereffects of torture, but despite there being witnesses and evidence he was charged with murder and returned to prison.

Once back at the lookout headquarters (aka Kyungsoo’s house) Do Han connects the pieces for them, telling Kyungsoo after his mother met with the prosecutor called Viper she gave false testimony at his father’s trial. Her depression was caused by the guilt she felt afterwards. Do Han met with her and she agreed to be a witness at the retrial but disappeared soon after, likely because Viper found out. Do Han thinks Viper is Detective Nam, but can’t prove it.

Prosecutor Eun Joong gives Assemblywoman Chae and Prosecutor Park the video footage of Detective Nam trying to kill Soo Ji on Seung Ro’s orders. In a shocking turn of events, Assemblywoman Chae gives the footage to Seung Ro as a “gift”! Do Han’s false loyalty is exposed!




The episode opens with Assemblywoman Chae asking Seung Rif her gift had earned his favor and telling him he should “take care of the people who work for him”. Prosecutor Do Han sets the Lookout team to the task of proving Detective Nam is Viper, both to find Kyungsoo’s mother and so that Do Han can use him as a crucial witness in Seung Ro’s confirmation hearing. After they’ve finished talking, Do Han parks his car on a street somewhere else in the city and handcuffs himself to the steering wheel, claiming Soo Ji had left him like that.

Meanwhile Officer Soon Ae’s daughter is growing closer to Shi Wan and starting to resent her cautious police officer mother. Shi Wan’s mother later asks if he has a friend and he replies “I think something fun will happen if we hang out.” Which… isn’t weird at all.

Kyungsoo sneaks into the Joint Investigation Unit’s office by disguising himself as a police officer bringing in evidence (Do Han helpfully plays along) and Kyungsoo successfully hacks into Detective Nam’s laptop through the wifi – but not his cell phone, which was purposely kept off the network for some reason. On his way out, Kyungsoo is almost caught by one of the men on the investigation team who had seen him outside the church the night before but Kyungsoo skillfully answers his questions until Do Han comes out to check and helps him get away.

Prosecutor Eun Joong and Do Han have another tense meeting during which Do Han reveals he knows Assemblywoman Chae is behind Eun Joong and Prosecutor Park. Do Han is called into Seung Ro’s office where he’s basically forced to make up excuses about why he couldn’t interview one of the detectives from the Miseo-dong case or catch Soo Ji (both of which Seung Ro now knows the truth about). In an attempt to keep Seung-ro’s trust, Do Han tells him he’ll set a trap for Soo Ji using her mother.

He does tell the Lookout gang about the trap and that it was his own idea, but Soo Ji still has to go see her sick mother. Do Han distracts the two undercover policemen while she gets in and out. After receiving Kyungsoo’s photos of Detective Nam meeting with someone from the Miseo-dong case (who Seung Ro told Do Han to meet with), he realizes he was being tested during the meeting in his office and that Seung Ro’s onto him. By telling Seung Ro he would set a trap for Soo Ji at her mother’s house, he had also given Seung-ro an opportunity to set a trap for him. As Do Han goes into Soo Ji’s mother’s house to get her, he has a flashback to the day Yu Na died… apparently he witnessed Shi Wan taking her into the building and didn’t try and stop him! He may even have seen Si Wan push her – it isn’t clear. As Do Han tries to flee the scene with Soo Ji in the back of his car, he runs into Detective Nam who was of course sent by Seung Ro to catch Do Han helping Soo Ji. The detective pins Do Han in a tight place when he asks to search the back of his car. How will Soo Ji manage to get away this time???



No episode preview this week! T_T


The number of plot twists in these couple episodes was enough to make my head spin. First we find out Kyungsoo’s mother’s false testimony is the reason Do Han’s father is in jail. Then Assemblywoman Chae and Prosecutor Park are apparently working for Seung Ro (which makes things super messy). Eun Joong knows a lot about Do Han now… and him working for those two who will just report it to Seung Ro puts Do Han in even more danger. Hopefully Eun Joong is clever enough to figure it out and stop feeding them information. I am very curious to see how Shi Wan plans to use Officer Soon Ae’s daughter. Especially because Soo Ji is still watching him through his phone… and he KNOWS she’s watching… so she must be part of his plan as well. Speaking of convoluted plans, how is Do Han’s plan still going to work now that Seung Ro knows about him? How will he get Officer Nam to turn against Seung Ro like he did with Prosecutor Oh? How will this series get any more complicated??? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Viewership ratings

Ep. 19

Nielsen: 8.5%
TNMS: 6.8%

Ep. 20

Nielsen: 8.6%
TNMS: 6.9%

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