[Recap] Lookout Ep. 31/32 – Final Thoughts

[Recap] Lookout Ep. 31/32 – Final Thoughts

Ending Spoilers ahead – Be sure to watch “Lookout” on Dramafever before reading~!

Amanda @purpletaem

When I first watched the teasers for this drama series, I was expecting a lot of intense action, but I was pleasantly surprised by all the warmhearted moments this show had. There was a lot of complexity in the characters’ relationships; the guilt set into Do Han and the priest’s relationship from their childhood, and the tightrope-like balancing act Officer Soon-ae and Soo Ji had to perform as good friends on opposite sides of the law. Then, of course, you have Kyungsoo and Bo Mi, who had to help each other work through their most scarring traumas and ended up as a couple. Overall I was very satisfied with this drama as a whole.

In the end, our Lookout team members continue to stop injustice, Eun Joong becomes a great prosecutor, and the cuties Bo Mi and Kyungsoo live happily ever after! Even though I personally would have liked it if Do Han had survived the fall so he could spend time with his father, it was still a good story.  I suppose he didn’t die for nothing though. He put Yoon Seung-ro in prison, and was able to let go of the guilt he had from Yu Na’s death by dying in Soo Ji’s place. He proved to be a good man. I’m proud of the cast of this drama for achieving such high ratings and finishing well. As for our Kim Kibum, I can’t wait to see what he does next!


SHINee USA Admin

I’m going to miss “Lookout” so much… I grew really attached to Key’s Kyungsoo & Seulgi’s Bomi~ They were super super cute together! And very natural. I didn’t know what to expect from the characters & actors when they met face to face earlier in the series but they progressed into such a natural relationship – as if they had liked each other all along. ^^

About the final episodes… Shi Wan was absolutely freaking terrible until the very bitter end! They seriously should have shot him when he came out of hiding. Why they didn’t is a mystery to me. Maybe because he would have pressed the button in his dying breaths and killed Se Won? I would have gone for it. And I can’t believe Do Han died! T__T I did not think the writers would do that to him since I didn’t think he had built up enough negative karma in the show to deserve it? I really wanted a Soo Ji/Do Han moment at the end… I guess you can count the hand hold but… I was disappointed for Do Han. He didn’t even get to spend meaningful time with his father after he finally won his innocence. T__T Maybe because he would have lived serving time behind bars as Seung Ro’s accomplice, the writers decided he’d be better off dead? I don’t know… it’s just… sad. But seeing that the Lookout team continued on afterwards was nice. The only ones who came out better off than the start of the series were Kyungsoo and Bomi.

My personal favorite moments for Key were all the times he saved everyone’s butts from danger. As a hacker and as a field agent he was super reliable in a pinch and very forward thinking – always covering their tracks and thinking on his feet. But then he was also very genuine in sympathizing with his teammates. When it came to his own painful backstory, I wish the writers had spent more time on him. As a character Kyungsoo was just very likeable and dependable – a role that was a good match for Key ^^ (Also the MBC staff were great at providing us with lots of behind the scenes bloopers & photos.)

Overall… honestly the show was better than I thought it would be – and the ratings agreed! ^^ It went from the lowest viewed episode being at 4.6% viewership to 10.2% on the final episode~! I’m super proud! This was a really good second project for Key and I hope he continues to get great roles thanks to “Drinking Solo” and “Lookout”! He really is a natural actor~ As a drama addict, I can’t wait to see him in more dramas! ^^

You can view behind the scenes video sketches on 파수꾼/Lookout’s MBC Homepage~! We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did~! ^^


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