[Recap] Lookout Ep. 17/18

[Recap] Lookout Ep. 17/18

Written by Krysti @oppasofkpop


Our fearless vigilante Soo Ji is now tailing Do Han to a store where she realizes he must have his reasons for being at Seung Ro’s side. Do Han recalls the conversation he had with the priest Kwon who felt their plans should be shared with Soo Ji so that she may be a better accomplice. Do Han refused because he still has one more witness to find – a detective from his father’s case. Later that night, Prosecutor Eun Jung replays the tape of Do Han carrying an injured Soo Ji away from the cops.


The next day at the precinct, Do Han confronts Detective Nam. Nam is the reason behind everything – the note slipped to Kim Woo Sung during his interrogation as well as his escape from police custody by Nam unlocking the cuffs. Detective Nam’s loyalty to Seung Ro goes back nearly more than a decade.


Back at the hideout, there’s an awkward chemistry between Kyungsoo and Bomi when their hands unexpectedly touch while setting back up the computer. Kyungsoo decides he will take care of the cabling for the computer referring to himself as “oppa”. Bomi then calls him “oppa” in return and for a split second there’s a grin of satisfaction across Kyungsoo’s face. The mood gets ruined when Bomi sees Kyungsoo’s collection of underwear and accuses him of being a pervert.


While trying to enjoy his lunch, former Prosecutor Oh is dealt a search and seizure at the hands of Seung Ro. This is “payback” for his set up meeting with congress woman Hye Sun. Do Han shows up to “comfort” his senior and Prosecutor Oh finally agrees to really meet with Hye Sun. Do Han reveals that Oh is his first witness when he senses Soo Ji behind him. He leads her to a sauna, where he drops the final mission out of the car window. Back at the hideout, Kyungsoo opens the last mission left for the team. Surprised by what he finds inside, he stares at a photo of his mother.


Prosecutor Eun Jung meets with reporter Jung Woo Jin who was involved with Do Han’s mother’s case. Woo Jin reveals the victim Park Ji Sook had another son that he didn’t write in the article – Lee Kwan Woo. Kwan Woo is the son of her live in boyfriend Lee Shin Hyuk, who was accused of killing her in addition to espionage and is now a schizophrenic torture victim. At the same time, a nervous Lee Shin Hyuk is brought into a visitor’s room with Do Han.


At the hideout, Kyungsoo says the police told him his mother committed suicide due to depression, but boss Do Han told him she went missing. Kyungsoo has faith that his mother is still alive waiting for him. Their new mission is to find the torture detective named “Poisonous Snake”. Kyungsoo pulls out all the research he has done on his mother’s disappearance. With only a username and password they try to find something they may have missed.


Continuing his conversation with the reporter, Prosecutor Eun Jung learns that the brothers didn’t always get along – Do Han beat Kwan Woo so badly that he was hospitalized. The Lookout team studies the last email sent to Kyungsoo’s mother on the day she went missing about a person by the name of Poisonous Snake! Her email stated she was threatened again if she spoke up during a retrial. She mentioned Do Han introducing himself as Kwan Woo but she recognized him from when he was little.


Do Han is Kwan Woo!



Signing in to see Lee Shin Hyuk, is Kwon Woo but we then see it’s Do Han there with him. Do Han asks his father if a photo of Detective Nam is the man who was mean to him. Agreeing, Shin Hyuk asks leave the hospital and go home which Do Han promises they will do next time. Do Han meets with the priest, Kwon Woo, and they discuss their father’s situation. An overseeing Eun Jung witnesses the whole thing and learns that Do Han is Kwon Woo and Kwon Woo is Do Han! They are brothers! (Author’s Note: In order not to confuse anyone I’m still going to call them as we previously knew them) Kwon Woo implies the sooner they catch Seung Ro and the detective, the faster Do Han can reclaim his name and see his father as himself.


Angry, Kyungsoo doesn’t understand why his mother would be targeted. Bomi explains it’s due to her being a witness for the trial. The kids are thrown off as to why Do Han is mentioned and why Soo Ji had Kyungsoo look into his past. Soo Ji reveals she thinks Do Han is the “Boss”. Bomi and Kyungsoo still don’t understand how he can work with Seung Ro if he’s trying to take him down. An impatient Soo Ji heads to Do Han’s place to find some clues.


Kyungsoo using his RICO Suave skills, successfully gains access to an attorney’s passcode for files. With no luck in his apartment, Kyungsoo heads to the attorneys office in search for the files regarding the case his mother was involved in. Opening a safe, he finds old files about a spy case. He finds papers regarding a “Retrial petition for Lee Shin Hyuk espionage case”. Kyungsoo has a hard time accepting this as he feels like he didn’t know his mom at all. Back at Do Han’s apartment, Soo Ji finds a piece of paper that is exactly the same as the mission papers that they received from the Boss when Do Han walks in.


Everything is normal until Do Han sees his window shade askew, first thing he checks is his pen – a secret placeholder for his USB drive. He then grabs his clock where his hidden CCTV was set up and sees Soo Ji had been in his apartment.


Gathering all of their mission notes, Soo Ji pieces them together as the team realizes the print on each piece creates the image of a hand-drawn butterfly. Kwon Woo, the priest, sits at his desk, coloring the very same butterfly picture the team just discovered. Kyungsoo is angered to learn that Do Han is the Boss, but Bomi feels that they were all brought together for a reason. While on the rooftop Bomi expresses to Soo Ji how she understands how Do Han must be in pain like them to have gone through so much to change his name and plot his revenge for 10 years.


Dragging her feet at school, the daughter of police woman Soon Ae, Sae Won, is pushed from the stairs by another girl who feels threatened by her closeness to Shi Wan. At that moment Shi Wan appears and helps Sae Won get to the infirmary, earning her trust.


No longer scared, Bomi is on her first mission outside with Kyungsoo at the church. While at Mass, Kyungsoo enters Kwon Woo’s apartment. Snooping around he finds Kwon Woo’s cell phone with only one number in it. Kyungsoo uses the phone as bait to text message Do Han. Bomi and Kyungsoo encounter a small girl looking for her mom. Trying to comfort her, Bomi tells her to hush and gives her one of her backpack plushies. The child’s mother arrives and says “i saw her on TV”, seeing that as their cue to leave. Once in the car Bomi discovers she’s been put in the wanted list for her association with Soo Ji. A very optimistic Kyungsoo feels that very soon they will no longer have to live their life being careful.


Priest Kwon Woo sits in the church awaiting Do Han. A confused Do Han enters asking what Kwon Woo wanted when they are approached by Soo Ji! She confronts them about their true switched identities as Do Han & Kwon Woo. Do Han tries to pretend he knows nothing but Priest Kwon Woo still thinks it’s a good idea to tell Soo Ji. Soo Ji tells them to just stop the lies and makes a phone call to the Task Force, turning herself in.



No episode preview this week! T_T


Is Detective Nam the same detective that worked on Do Han’s mother’s case? What exactly does the councilwoman have to gain by stopping Seung Ro? I’m so thrown off by the two being brothers! Yea it was a given, but the fact that they agreed to switch identities… now that’s a whole other thing. In his caring innocent act of Yoon Shi Wan, I can almost catch a glimpse of Minho in his face from To The Beautiful You and it hurts because I don’t like Shi Wan lol. Will Soo Ji really turn herself in?


Viewership ratings

Ep. 17

Nielsen: 7.2%

Ep. 18

Nielsen: 7.7%
TNMS: 6.9%


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