[Recap] Lookout Ep. 15/16

[Recap] Lookout Ep. 15/16

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Continuing from the previous episode, Soo Ji comes to in the hospital with Bo Mi by her side. Kyungsoo stopped trailing the murderer Kang Jin Ku to rush to the hospital and make sure Soo Ji was okay. When he arrives he searches for Bo Mi without knowing what she looks like, which leads to him running back and forth talking to other women in the hospital while the real Bo Mi stands and watches in bewilderment.

Kyungsoo: Hey. You don’t look how I imagined at all.
Bo Mi: What?
Kyungsoo: Well… you’re beautiful beyond imagination.



It turns out the driver of the car that drove Bo Mi and Soo Ji to the hospital was the priest (Prosecutor Do Han’s accomplice), who took them to the hospital where he works so Soo Ji would be safe. Soo Ji tries to confront him about how his friend is using them to do dangerous things. The priest tells her they, like her, have “restraints to overcome”.

Elsewhere, Do Han sets up a meeting between (ex-)Prosecutor Oh and Assembly woman Choi, who as we’ve learned also wants to expose the Chief Prosecutor for her own reasons. While Prosecutor Oh actually had no intention of selling out Yoon Seung Ro, the photographs Do Han sneakily took of them together will surely make it look that way. Do Han tells the Assemblywoman Oh and Seung Ro will turn against each other soon. It’s also hinted that the case that they have in common is Bo Mi’s family’s murder.

Despite having overcome her fear and gone outside the house, it’s apparent Bo Mi is still very traumatized when Kyungsoo finds her curled in a ball with her hands over her ears after hearing an ambulance siren. Sweet Kyungsoo offers his hand and promises to accompany her wherever she wants to go in the future.



Meanwhile, Prosecutor Eun Joong is instructed to focus on the Miseo-dong murder case instead of investigating Soo Ji’s shooting and disappearance, as that will help take down Seung Ro faster. Policewoman Soon-Ae doesn’t agree with him prioritizing an old case over Soo Ji, but he tells her he thinks resolving the case will help them find her. Kyungsoo’s search for clues on Kang Jin Gu’s whereabouts isn’t getting anywhere when Bo Mi suddenly suggests using herself as bait and posts a selfie online to lure him to her family’s old house. Jin Gu sees the post but runs into the police team searching PC cafes for him before he can go take the bait. His interrogation is interrupted once Seung Ro hears and has Jin Gu taken to a safe house instead because “dangerous criminal Jo Soo Ji is after him”.

Bo Mi insists Soo Ji teach her how to use a gun so she can defend herself. Then, after hearing from Kyungsoo of Jin Gu’s release, she slips sleeping pills amongst Soo Ji’s pain medication and goes back to her old house to meet Jin Gu alone. As expected Jin Gu escapes the safe house by setting off the smoke alarm in the bathroom and goes to find Bo Mi.



Yoon Seung Ro is looking around Soo Ji’s old apartment across from his house when Prosecutor Do Han gets the call Jin Gu has escaped. It’s clear from the evidence that he’s gone to kill Bo Mi but Seung Ro refuses to send help, electing instead to use Bo Mi as bait to catch Soo Ji. Prosecutor Do Han’s facade slips a little bit when he questions Seung Ro’s orders, and he unwillingly passes on the command that may seal Bo Mi’s fate.

Kyungsoo finds Soo Ji passed out on the floor and rouses her. When she finds her gun missing they realize Bo Mi’s plan to confront Jin Gu. The prosecutors find security footage that’s enough to bring Jin Gu back into custody but find he’s already escaped from the safe house. Bo Mi successfully meets Jin Gu and he reveals her uncle had planned the whole operation and he had just carried it out to split the money. She isn’t brave enough to shoot him when she has the chance and he grabs the gun from her. Clever Bo Mi manages to pepper spray him and run to her room where the memory of her sister calms her and reminds her to call the police. However, the police responding to her call are turned back by Seung Ro’s police already sent there to catch Soo Ji. Do Han does the only thing he can think of and calls a reporter to the scene before he has to meet Seung Ro at his house. The meeting is tense between Do Han having to juggle personal questions about his family and his anxiety knowing Bo Mi and Soo Ji were in danger.

Soo Ji, upon seeing the one reporter Do Han sent, instructs Kyungsoo to call all the reporters in the city to the scene to hold the police accountable if anything were to happen to Bo Mi. They also serve as a distraction so Soo Ji could sneak in and help her. She arrives just in time and Soo Ji is able to knock Jin Gu out after Bo Mi distracts him by firing a couple gunshots. Before they leave Soo Ji shoots the floor again to give the police downstairs their location and leaves the gun in a knocked out Jin Gu’s hand. He comes to as the police break into the apartment and immediately tries to shoot them (the gun was empty), further insuring his arrest.

Later Bo Mi and Soo Ji watch the news of his arrest and plan to catch the three bad guys that cause their troubles: Oh Kwang-Ho, Yoon Seung-Ro and Yoon Si-Wan.

Assemblywoman Choi brings the odd happenings around Seung Ro to light on television, successfully putting Seung Ro on edge and sending him searching for a source of her information, which Prosecutor Do Han provides with the incriminating pictures he took of the assemblywoman and former Prosecutor Oh together. Meanwhile Prosecutor Eun Joong finds the missing piece of the security footage from the day Soo Ji was shot and went missing and looks shocked to see Do Han’s on it. Soo Ji stops by the church to confront the priest once again about their leader and share how much she knows: the leader’s after Seung Ro, and he’s a prosecutor pretending to chase them.

In a flashback we see Prosecutor Do Han talking Prosecutor Nam out of killing Soo Ji and himself and convincing him to leave her wounded in a stairwell until the other officers were gone so he could keep his job. He then calls his friend the priest to come and rescue her.




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Now that Soo Ji has a name and a face to replace the mysterious image of their leader I’m expecting things to escalate quite quickly. Also in this last episode Seung Ro began delving into more personal waters with the questions he was asking Prosecutor Do Han about his family, which of course is a highly sensitive subject. Everything is a huge, complex game of chess right now. Do Han is threatened by Soo Ji and suspected by Seung Ro. Prosecutor Oh is about to be threatened by Seung Ro and in turn will (hopefully) be forced to expose him. And then of course we have our adorable misfits Kyungsoo and Bo Mi, who have a less threatening… much cuter game of chess to play in the coming episodes… if you know what I mean..

Viewership ratings

Ep. 15

Nielsen: 7.2%
TNMS: 7.2%

Ep. 16

Nielsen: 8.1%
TNMS: 8.6%


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