[Recap] Lookout Ep. 13/14

[Recap] Lookout Ep. 13/14

Written by Krysti @oppasofkpop


Back where we left off, Kyungsoo is tracking Jin Goo in the parking lot when Kyungsoo is spotted and has to make a run for it! Not sure how Bomi is doing, Soo Ji heads to Bomi’s apartment and risks her life trying to scale the building to get to Bomi. Soo Ji discovers Bomi on the floor having a anxiety attack. Coming to her senses, Bomi realizes the suspect is Kang Jin Goo. Soo Ji orders Kyungsoo not to loose him. In the meantime Soo Ji and Bomi share a special moment of keeping a fighting spirit even after losing someone they love.

In a not so convincing green disguise with cute bunny glasses, Kyungsoo passes for a street vendor giving away freebies and uses it as a ploy to put a tracker on Jin Goo. The police precinct gets a call from Bomi’s neighbor claiming Soo Ji was there! Meanwhile, Kyungsoo follows Jin Goo to Bomi’s uncle’s wake. The Lookout team discovers the police are on their way to Bomi’s apartment. Soo Ji begins to pack Bomi’s stuff, but Bomi can’t cope with the fact that she has to leave. Stealing a car Soo Ji leaves the apartment alone to draw attention away from Bomi. The police take the bait and follow Soo Ji, but Do Han has other motives. He continues to the apartments to clear any evidence not knowing Bomi is still there.

The police find Soo Ji’s car abandoned while she circles back to Bomi. To her surprise Soo Ji becomes cornered by Prosecutor Eun Jung and his team. One step ahead of her, Eun Jung realized the connection of Bomi and Soo Ji and how she would return. Ultimately he fails at trying to convince Soo Ji to return with him and she makes her grand escape by jumping 3 stories into the courtyard. To our dismay she just couldn’t get away and is taken to the police station by Detective Nam. Prosecutor/Lookout Team Leader Do Han shows up a little too late and for a second we see a concerned look on his face. At the same time, Kyungsoo loses Jin Goo. While Do Han convinces Prosecutor Eun Jung to leave the search of the apartment to him, police woman Soon Ae shows up late due to lack of communication within the team. It seems that Detective Nam had his own agenda after taking Soo Ji. Do Han puts the pieces together and realizes Nam is just another pawn for Seung Ro.


Detective Nam stops the van and presents Soo Ji with her handcuff key but also points a gun at her. Soo Ji realizes he’s the informant. Do Han is now in search of Soo Ji and Detective Nam. Detective Nam waits for Soo Ji to make a run for it so he has probable cause to shoot her. Soo Ji makes for her escape but not before fighting with Nam and a shot is fired. A nearby Do Han hears the gunshot and finds their van empty with blood splattered everywhere. A wounded Soo Ji attempts to escape with a gunshot to her stomach.
Bomi finds the courage to leave and tells Kyungsoo to come pick her up from the apartment so they can help rescue Soo Ji. After losing a lot of blood, Soo Ji passes out on the ground. Kyungsoo and Bomi react fast. Realizing Kyungsoo won’t make it to her place in time Bomi grabs her things and for the first time in 5 years she leaves her apartment! Detective Nam finds the blood trail but Do Han finds Soo Ji first. Not knowing it’s Do Han, Soo Ji passes out. Do Han just reaches Soo Ji to carry her away when Detective Nam shows up. At this point, the task force shows up late to the van Soo Ji was shot in.

Bomi is now on the streets but can’t take the pressure of being back among crowds. She runs and hides as she blames herself for being a coward who couldn’t save her family or now Soo Ji. Kyungsoo reassures Bomi that she isn’t a coward and that even after a night like she had, she’s still trying to catch Jin Goo. A strong but vulnerable Kyungsoo reassures Bomi that even a guy too embarrassed of his own mother and friends, lost his mother and is still able to go on.
With no one around, Do Han “casually” runs up to Prosecutor Eun Jung as though he just finished searching the place. Eun Jung suspects Do Han of killing Soo Ji with the blood he spots on his wrist. Not believing him, Eun Jung begins to search the area when he receives a phone call. Detective Nam says he found Soo Ji. A cautious Bomi watches from a corner not sure where Soo Ji is. Eun Jung and Do Han race back to the van where Do Han ridicules Detective Nam for losing her. But we all know Nam saw Do Han with Soo Ji so what on earth happened. Noticing the strange atmosphere between Do Han and Detective Nam, Prosecutor Eun Jung follows Nam. They end up back in the last place where they were. Do Han tries to stop Eun Jung from searching the area. No luck in finding her, Eun Jung gets a call from the guard at Bomi’s apartment saying that she escaped. Doing her best, Bomi is now helping Soo Ji get away. While Bomi is waiting for Kyungsoo to arrive, a white car appears in front of them.

Police Woman Soon Ae and her team finally enter Bomi’s apartment and discover all the CCTV monitors. Circling back to Bomi’s place, Kyungsoo watches the police enter and realizes all the monitors are still up and running but he deletes all the content before they can uncover anything.
Trying to explain himself to the Task Force Prosecutor Joon Pyo, Detective Nam apologizes for losing Soo Ji. Do Han again redirects the focus away from Soo Ji when Soon Ae shows up with clues from Bomi’s apartment. One is a screenshot of Chief Prosecutor Seung Ro’s house with his son Yoon Shi Wan outside, the one who murdered Soo Ji’s daughter Yoona. The second clue is the mission photos from the Boss of the 3 possible suspects from Bomi’s case. A not-too-happy Do Han cringes as he realizes that was left behind. The task force is now assigned to figuring out who the accomplice sending these notes is. It strikes Do Han how well the team remembers such a case when it happened 5 years ago and had no files.
Detective Nam reports back to Chief Prosecutor Seung Ro of Do Han’s interference. Prosecutor Eun Jung and police woman Soon Ae are at the precinct discussing how Soo Ji is in fact looking into Seung Ro’s past. The young detective Ma Jin Ki (who I originally thought was Seung Ro’s informant) asks how long he has to continue the secret mission of helping Soon Ae because he feels Detective Nam is growing suspicious of him. They tell him to stick close to Nam and report anything he does on his own. Prosecutor Eun Jung is still suspicious of Do Han’s actions and wants to look over his whereabouts when they lost Soo Ji.
Do Han delivers the clues the Task Force found to Seung Ro. Cases from his past are coming to light and he assures that there shouldn’t be any trail of this case and to find those involved. After hearing of Do Han’s interference with Detective Nam, Seung Ro must now figure out how to work around Do Han. Meanwhile, Soo Ji is now in proper care at a hospital. Stirring in her sleep, she recalls someone coming to save her but she awakens before remembering who it is.


Will Seung Ro confront Do Han? Will Eun Jung really find out what Do Han is playing at? Where is Bomi and will Soo Ji realize who the mysterious person was that saved her? Find out next time on Lookout Episode 15!


Author’s Thoughts

Soo Ji uses the moment with Bomi to feel like a mother again and I think deep down Bomi appreciated that for once she wasn’t truly alone. Well, I was wrong about who I thought was giving information to Seung Ro, I had the young one as the brownnoser. I also doubt Do Han will be any luck in getting to Bomi, not after watching Soo Ji get caught. Oh Mer Gawd, total spaz attack when Do Han picks up Soo Ji, I called it I knew I would fall for him. Awww he.. I can’t. I swear this whole task force has the worst possible timing in everything. Although it may not have gone as planned I think Do Han wanted them to discover Bomi’s case so they could look into it and catch Jin Goo. I personally think this time it was the Boss, who saved Soo Ji and Bomi but I could be wrong.

Viewership ratings

Ep. 13
Nielsen: 6.1%

Ep. 14

Nielsen: 7.2%
TNMS: 8.7%

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