170612 Key Lookout PressCon Translations

170612 Key Lookout PressCon Translations

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While talking about his character development with Bomi, “Later on I was really surprised~ oh no! No! It’s nothing” ^^;;; Almost a spoiler~!

The cast of Lookout met up with the press to talk about their roles & the current viewership ratings that are slowly on the rise~!

Translations by SHINee USA Staff

Q: What are your thoughts on the chemistry between you and Kim Seul Gi?

Key revealed, “Thank you everyone who has spoken well of the chemistry between Kim Seul Gi and myself. Because there are many scenes with us speaking on the phone, I kept practicing while imagining Kim Seul Gi’s lines. I did it while imagining her tone and inflection. From now on I will present Kyung Soo as he overcomes his pain from the past to the best of my ability and I want to go beyond what is required to earn your recognition. Because of Bomi’s wounds from the past she is defensive and always hiding herself. So you will also see the process of Kyung Soo drawing Bomi outside*. We will become much more casual together than we are now.” (Source) After he says that Kyung Soo and Bomi become more casual he clarifies, “As in they become much more comfortable talking to each other.” (from video)

“It seems like in my scenes with Kim Seul Gi I thought about her lines a lot. When I imagined her tone in our dialogue, in the real scene it was just like that (what I imagined).” (Source)


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 Q: How do you feel about the praise for your acting?

In regards to the favorable comments about his acting abilities Key said he is at a loss, continuing with “Actually, if I am to be completely honest, when people speak that well about me, I have no idea how to respond to the level that I doubt myself.” He spoke of his acting, “Each time I watch myself, every time I feel something is lacking. I really don’t know. I feel dissatisfied to the level of wanting to film the scene a second and third time. And I’m grateful when people speak of it (my acting) kindly.” Key continues, “Some people have told me clearly what area I am weak at. So I understand what parts I should pay attention to. I will work to show you a better form from now on. I’ll try my best so you will not be disappointed.”(Source)

Q: What did you prepare for your character Gong Kyung Soo?

Key: “Actually I don’t like the style of sneakers. But it seemed like Gong Kyung Soo was the type to like wearing sneakers with his image. I approached the director saying I want to wear street hip hop fashion with this character. The director said he liked it. The director doesn’t really like my hairstyle. But it fits the image I have of Kyung Soo” (Source)


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