[Recap] Lookout Ep. 11/12

[Recap] Lookout Ep. 11/12

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Our story picks up where Episode 10 left off – At the church Soo Ji receives a call from the Lookout team and they decide to rescue the young woman who was kidnapped by the Supermarket Killer Jang Soo! … Against their leader’s orders. Unable to find their true leader at the church, Soo Ji leaves to rescue the kidnapped woman. (Go Soo Ji! Go!) During the rescue, Soo Ji finds that Jang Soo has been taking tokens from each of the girls he’s killed – their necklaces. She leaves the killer tied up in an open car trunk to be picked up by the police. With this necklace tip released, a citizen steps forward having previously purchased a pawned necklace from another murder thus closing that case.

Meanwhile at Si Wan’s (Chief Prosecutor Seung Ro’s son) school, a pile of photos depicting famous killers are left on his desk. (HA!) His innocent reaction makes the police woman’s daughter Se Won question that maybe he didn’t actually kill Soo Ji’s daughter Yuna. A congresswoman arrives at the prosecution office with an army of reporters to inquire about Soo Ji and to shed a suspicious light on Chief Prosecutor Seung Ro but Seung Ro refuses to meet her.

After leaving Jang Soo behind for the police to pick up, Soo Ji calls her mother for the first time since becoming a fugitive. (TT___TT) Her mother has framed Yuna’s drawing and says that Yuna must be watching over Soo Ji. Soo Ji tells her mother that Yuna’s death absolutely wasn’t her mother’s fault and that she’ll return when she catches the bad guys. Soo Ji returns to Kyung Soo’s base asking him to find their leader with her phone that she used to hack the priest’s phone earlier at the church. In their talk of suspicions about the mysterious Lookout team leader, BoMi reveals she’s waiting her turn for justice and Kyungsoo says he is also looking for someone (a female). They find out that the Lookout team leader (viewers now know to be Do Han) was at the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office before the phone’s SIM card is destroyed. At the same time, a message from the leader arrives with three suspects – all from BoMi’s case.

BoMi then tells them about her family’s brutal murder and how she was the only survivor. The culprits were never caught.




Prosecutor Do Han visits former Prosecutor Oh – now a lawyer – at his new office. Oh reveals that he helped Seung Ro cover up BoMi’s case because the killers were US soldiers stationed in Korea. It was covered up because a scandal would cause poor relations between the US and Korea.

BoMi finishes telling the Lookout team about how the culprit escaped and the collaborator was never found – with all of files at the Prosecutor’s Office related to the incident disappeared. Their leader told BoMi in the past that it was a case that could have been solved but wasn’t and the Lookout team decides to help BoMi solve her family’s murder case even through their high suspicions of their leader. While researching the case, Soo Ji realizes that the leader’s ultimate goal is also to go after Seung Ro – they’re now all on the same page!

Kyung Soo feels bad for BoMi after hearing her story and attempts to cheer her up but doesn’t do a very good job. ( ><;;; ) In the end he just feels guilty for upsetting her further. Through a flashback, BoMi remembers her interview at the police station. She remembers the voice of the accomplice was familiar but didn’t know who he was. The flashback also shows her overhearing other police officers talk about her case saying if it had been them, they would have died with their families instead of being left behind. If BoMi wasn’t damaged enough, these comments really stuck with her after that.

Back at the school, police woman Soon Ae picks up her daughter Se Won. Se Won tells her mother that maybe Si Wan didn’t kill Soo Ji’s Yuna and Soon Ae warns her not to be deceived – he’s dangerous. Si Wan then sees the two of them together and realizes Soon Ae was the officer that was friends with Soo Ji. (Uh oh..)

One of the suspects, BoMi’s uncle Seo Joo Hwan, is living it up buying expensive clothes at a luxury store when Kyung Soo hacks his phone. Joo Hwan was never rich until he sold BoMi’s parents’ restaurant (rightfully hers) acting as her legal guardian. However, he has an alibi for the day of her family’s murder and can’t be the murderer. Cook Yang Dae Cheol opened his own restaurant in Ilsan – he was close to Holt, a suspect. Delivery boy Kang Jin Ku disappeared after the murders and isn’t traceable.

Kyung Soo goes back out into the field to follow her uncle Joo Hwan. During their stakeout, Kyung Soo sends BoMi a super sweet video of him going around her old neighborhood earlier that day in an attempt to apologize for upsetting her before. It’s touching at first but in the end it makes her remember too much of the incident with her family and so she ends up upset again. (Poor Kyung Soo can’t catch a break!) Kyung Soo and Soo Ji fall asleep while monitoring BoMi’s uncle when suddenly and intruder enters! BoMi, the only one awake, witnesses the murder of her uncle and for some reason the killer is specifically looking for BoMi! The killer then frames the murder as a suicide in an attempt to draw BoMi out for her uncle’s funeral.

BoMi immediatley calls Soo Ji in a panic saying she found the killer. Kyung Soo finds BoMi’s address for Soo Ji so she can check on her well being while Kyung Soo goes out to find the killer. (Ahh! Kyung Soo! Careful!) Kyung Soo finds him in the parking lot but is seen by the killer who then chases after him! How will Kyung Soo escape?!


Next Episode Preview

Kyung Soo tracks the killer around town. Prosecutor Eun Joong looks into BoMi’s case. Soo Ji tries to get BoMi to leave because the cops are after them. Will they be able to catch the man who killed BoMi’s family? Watch the next episodes of Lookout to find out!


Author’s Thoughts

This was such a great episode for Key! T__T His hacking skills were highlighted and he tried so hard to connect with BoMi. I hope they end up together. They’re too cute! I’m also warming up to Do Han. I really can’t wait to see where he takes everything. The way he orchestrates the Lookout team is really quite cunning and I think he honestly has their best interests in heart. Even though perhaps he is using their talents for his own purposes, he’s also giving them a chance to earn their own justice against Seung Ro – which I’m looking forward to! I can’t help but feel bad for BoMi though – her story is… a lot. I can’t even imagine. I hope they’re able to wrap her case quickly so she doesn’t have to hide in the shadows anymore. And I’m really worried for Se Won! With Si Wan now knowing who her mother is, it makes her suddenly a huge target! Hopefully nothing too bad happens! T__T Be careful Se Won!

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Viewership ratings

Ep. 11

Nielsen: 7.1%

Ep. 12

Nielsen: 7.7%
TNMS: 7.2%

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