[Mag] Onew & Minho for Allure July 2017

[Mag] Onew & Minho for Allure July 2017

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Magazine Details: 326 pages, release 6/19/17

Interview Details: 12 Page Pictorial + Interview

Photoshoot feat. Onho in the Maldives~! Interview expected to be about their upcoming dramas “Age of Youth 2” & “Somehow 18”.

Interview Translations



Q: I was surprised you know the aquatic animals in the Maldives so well. Lemon shark, turtle, stingray~ I heard you called out to them like they were your old friends.
O: You know, this place is really full of beautiful fish. They are too cute. Because they are so so cute, I kept thinking how nice it’d be to have an aquarium for myself back home. As I watched them swimming freely through the water, I wondered if they have any worries at all.

Q: As a travel buddy, what are Minho’s positive aspects?
O: As I’m sure you can tell, Minho is always so full of energy. I have a hard time making decisions, since I’m not sure what I should do, but Minho easily organizes whatever he feels like doing. You know, his positive aspect of overflowing energy is too overflowing to the point of it becoming a negative aspect. (laughs)

Q: Are you at the point where you can understand each other by just the look in their eyes?
O: I don’t know about everyone (the other members). But with Minho especially it seems like I can tell. (Laughs)

Q: What is the most difficult song?
O: Physically, “Everybody” seems like the most difficult song. Since we use such explosive power we can really take control of the stage with this song, but that’s also why I like it. However, next year I’ll be turning 29 (30 Korean age) so I really wonder how much longer I’ll be able to dance to “Everybody.” (Laughs)
Q: Haha But I bet even ten years from now it’ll definitely still be possible for you?
O: Really? They say idol groups are limited to five years, right? But we’ve already flown past that period, so… (TN: left open ended like “so (anything is possible)” or “so (maybe I could still do it)”)

Q: Do you have any plans for an individual album? I bet many people are curious about it.
O: A solo album? I also want to release one. Even though nothing is for certain, I have been thinking about it and I have some things I’ve prepared. I want to do what I can, one at a time.



Q: When you’re on stage, can you see your fans’ faces or expressions well?
M: I can see them super well and even make eye contact. But, because I wear an in-ear, I can’t really hear their words. During a concert, if I take out my in-ear, it’s because I really can’t hear or because I want to hear the sound of our fans. I’ve actually taken it out a lot of times because I want to hear our fans cheers louder.

Q: You celebrated your ninth anniversary over here (in the Maldives) right?
M: Ah, I was really touched by the cake you all prepared. The date, May 25th is really special to me. It feels like the day I was born again? I will always think it’s my second birthday. The day I/we debuted is unforgettable.

Q: What are your ambitions for acting?
M: I want to meet good senior actors and work on many projects with them. As I gain more experience, I wonder, ‘Will I become an actor who leads the scene someday?’ I intend to go slow and steadily. By slowly advancing one step at a time, I will work hard to become an actor who has formed a strong foundation and can always show you a better form.

Q: Are you doing anything on your own to improve your acting?
M: I’m trying to encounter many things from daily life. That’s because I think acting is about ’empathy’ more than anything. I’m in an amateur* basketball league. These days I’m there all the time. There are games two or three times a week so I try to go to at least one or two. So the question is, why would a celebrity join an amateur basketball league? If I participate regularly like this, I can understand people’s joy and sadness, and I try to remember these kinds of every day things and never lose sight of them. (*Note: “amateur” meaning non-professional/non-paid)

Q: Are you searching for more projects to work on?
M: My next work is a drama where I’ll wear a school uniform. I feel like this is my last chance to wear a school uniform, so I wanted to do it even more.

*You can read the full translation of the article by Sagyehan here: Onew & Minho *


Translated by SHINee USA Staff


Mini Instagram Interview

Q: What song does the Maldives make you think of?
M: As soon as I arrived in the Maldives my mood became happy~ “I can make you feel good~” (sings Feel Good)
O: Minho is having his photoshoot in front of me while I’m swinging eye-catchingly, so (I’ll sing) Taemin’s Danger “You’re so intense, if it’s not me, no one can win you”* (rocks on swing when scary animal noise suddenly occurs xD)  *TN – he picks this song because Danger is about stealing someone away like Onew’s trying to steal the attention from Minho’s photoshoot

Q: Do you have anything you want to say to your members who are not here?
M: Have you tried drinking a Mohito in the Maldives? ㅍvㅍ
O: I can perfectly express it in an acrostic poem.
(TN: Maldives in Korean – Mal-Di-Bu – each sentence begins with these sounds)
Mal – Why do you live your lives so busily?
Di – Maldives is the best~! (Literal: There’s Mal in front right? Dibu* is the best~!) (*Splitting of the -dibu of Maldibu/Maldives to fit the acrostic)
Bu – Aren’t you jealous? ^▽^

Ending ment
M: I love you, Allure~
O: you’re the best!

Translated by SHINee USA Staff




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