[Recap] Lookout ep. 7/8

[Recap] Lookout ep. 7/8

Written by Amanda @purpletaem


Episode 7 picks up the vigilante gang’s storyline, where Soo Ji is trying to rescue the little girl Se Bom but they manage to lose her. Bo Mi called the police to catch the kidnappers’ van but discovered they aren’t responding to that call, and instead are coming to catch Soo Ji. Bo Mi tries to convince Soo Ji to run but Soo Ji’s determined to rescue the little girl, even when it puts her and the lookout team at risk of being caught by the police. [Insert badass Soo Ji motorcycle scene here and cute helpful Kyungsoo changing all the traffic lights for her along the way.] She finds Se Bom locked inside Woo Sung’s freezer truck and uses her motorcycle to rescue her. Do Han reaches the little girl before the police arrive and finds her wrapped in Soo Ji’s jacket.

Do Han: “Don’t worry, the police are coming soon.”
Se Bom: “She was here already.” (SO ADORABLE!!)

That creep Woo Sung finds his wife Seung Hee at work and convinces her to come with him by blackmailing her with a picture of Se Bom in the freezer truck. Bo Mi refuses to help Soo Ji track Woo Sung but our hacker Kyungsoo is more than happy to. Prosecutor Eun Joong gets out of work by faking a very… interesting-sounding cough. He calls police woman Soon Ae after not being able to make contact with the victim Seung Hee, worried that something might have happened. She agrees Seung Hee’s in danger but tells him she’s already on her way to catch Soo Ji, so Prosecutor Eun Joong heads to the scene himself.

We find ourselves back at the scene that opened the very first episode: Woo Sung has told his wife he’s going to crash the car and kill her because she reported him to the police. During Soo Ji’s epic motorcycle chase, Kyungsoo hacks the car control system and makes the car hood pop, forcing Woo Sung to a violent stop in the middle of traffic. Do Han, Eun Joong and the cops arrive after she’s beat up Woo Sung (he really deserved it though) and she pulls a gun to keep the police from approaching. She accuses Do Han of setting Woo Sung free on purpose when Woo Sung originally turned himself in and escapes by throwing Woo Sung into Do Han.


Episode 8 begins in Chief Prosecutor Seung Ro’s office. The news stories of Soo Ji’s “hostage situation” with Woo Sung are already spreading. Shi Wan sees it at school, but doesn’t see Soo Ji as a threat. Meanwhile, the traumatized mother and daughter are reunited at the hospital. Prosecutor Eun Joong gets a call that Woo Sung has escaped again. Seung Ro’s press conference is broadcast and unsurprisingly he’s directing all the attention on Soo Ji’s reappearance. Prosectuor Eun Joong confronts Prosecutor Do Han about Woo Sung’s escape. Do Han reveals he genuinely does want to catch Woo Sung and that Seung Ro released him.

“Do you know how many affairs I had to catch to buy this car?” – Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo drives to meet Soo Ji near Woo Sung’s mother’s house and reluctantly hands Soo Ji the keys. Soo Ji follows Woo Sung’s mother to an abandoned apartment building and fights with him (and his mother) in a big action sequence when our hero Kyungsoo appears and tasers his lights out! Soo Ji then calls her former police partner Soon Ae for the first time since her escape to give her the captured Woo Sung’s location. Soon Ae confirms that Chief Prosecutor Seung Ro let Woo Sung escape the first time to cover up the incident with Seung Ro’s son, Yoona’s killer. She asks Soo Ji through tears if she’s eating and sleeping well.

The next day, with the help of a certain cute hacker, Soo Ji sends out a recording of Woo Sung saying incriminating things against Chief Prosecutor Seung Ro that she got while the two were fighting the night before. She smugly watches the Chief Prosecutor’s reaction with binoculars from atop a building. The lookout team speculate that their leader must be a prosecutor close to Seung Ro. The emergence of such direct evidence means Prosecutor Oh is really in trouble. Do Han tells him he should use his secret weapon: the dirt on Seung Ro he’s collected over the years. What is Do Han up to? The plot thickens.

Next Episode Preview

The preview shows Prosecutor Oh threatening Seung Ro and Do Han getting into Seung Ro’s good graces. Meanwhile good Prosecutor Eun Joong joins the police team and Soo Ji questions who their leader is. Will she be able to find out? Be sure to watch Episode 9 & 10!


Author’s Thoughts

I became a lot more invested in the series after this week’s episodes. I was pulling out my hair when Woo Sung got set free a second time. It’s so frustrating to watch because there’s nothing the police can do about it. The corruption is too strong… justice is at its mercy. Which is why we need the Lookout Squad! Or whatever we’re calling them. I like that their relationships are getting a bit deeper as well. I’m interested to see how they all interact in the future, and when Bo Mi will emerge from her seclusion.

Soon Ae! My heart! That phone call pulled at my heartstrings. I’m glad Soo Ji has her and Eun Joong on her side. I like both their characters a lot. And actually… Do Han is beginning to grow on me as well. I think there’s a really interesting character under his carefully-made disguise. Think how long he had to work to get to where he is, and all to take down Seung Ro. I don’t see how threatening the Chief Prosecutor can bring Prosecutor Oh anything but a bad end, but I suppose that could be what Do Han wants.

And Shi Wan… that kid is still a psycho. I’m looking forward to learning more about him as well. His relationship with his father seemed really strange to me in the other episode. I wonder if that’s a contributing factor to his behavior. Maybe the series will just end up being a million ways Seung Ro screwed everything up.

Making Clip

Viewership ratings

Ep. 7

Nielsen: 6.2%
TNMS: 7.0%

Ep. 8

Nielsen: 7.3%
TNMS: 7.6%

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