[Recap] Lookout Ep. 5/6

[Recap] Lookout Ep. 5/6

Written by Krysti @oppasofkpop

Lookout EP 5 (Air Date 5/29/17)

Opens with the ending of EP 4 and the “trap” set out by Kyungsoo & Bomi.

In episode 5 Soo Ji is awoken by Yoona only to realize she was dreaming and remembers how she couldn’t keep her promise. A woozy Soo Ji comes to all bandaged up while Kyungsoo is occupied playing games (this boy and his hair and geeky skills ❤️🤤). Startled, she attempts to cut him with scissors. Bomi steps in and explains how Yoo Shi Wan, her daughter’s killer, is now under protection. Kyungsoo tries his best to comfort Soo Ji but Bomi is a bit more harsh. In the hospital, instead of being comforted, Shi Wan is reprimanded by his prosecutor father Seung Ro for his actions and not being more cautious.

Father (Boss/Vigilante team leader) steps in for confession with none other than the jerk Do Han himself dressed down to the least best dressed we’ve seen him so far.  In his confession, we find out he’s the reason Soo Ji is needed in the group to help catch Seung Ro. She’s now gone through a similar unfair experience with Seung Ro and it may be the thing that brings them together.

A year passes and Soo Ji has joined the vigilante team with Kyungsoo and Bomi after fleeing from the police. But growing impatient, she begins to question the Boss’s existence which isn’t new to Kyungsoo and Bomi. To add some comedy to the episode, the team helps a female client catch her cheating husband and saves the money for their larger “mission”.
Soo Ji still continues to track Shi Wan, now living across the street from his home.

We catch a glimpse of a man in prison when a mission from the Boss comes in regarding the man Do Han had turn himself in a year ago. An annoying camera crew barges into Soo Ji’s mother’s restaurant to ask about Soo Ji’s whereabouts only to be stopped by Prosecutor Eun Jung. He and police woman Soon Ae (Oh look she’s alive!) talk about the same case which has come to light and is now threatening Seung Ro’s promotion to General Prosecutor. Everything comes full circle when the man we saw in prison turns out to be the man falsely accused of stabbing a supermarket owner. The team discovers that Seung Ro’s lackey Prosecutor Oh was aware of this and he knowingly still accused the then 17 year-old boy of murder. Soo Ji and the team begin to look into the case starting with the framed boy’s grandmother.

Lookout EP 6 Recap

Episode 6 begins with the bantering of the team on whether or not Kyungsoo hacked the internet shopping mall’s customer information. In search for Kim Woo Sung, the real murderer of the supermarket owner, they find him living the life at a golf course. Soo Ji follows Woo Sung back to his apartment to find anything they can to help. Looks can be deceiving as it’s revealed that Woo Sung is in debt, living alone without his wife and child. Bomi traces Woo Sung down back to his business where he meets up with his friend from Ep ½. Soo Ji recognized him as the one she chased to figure out why Woo Sung did it.

Kyungsoo uses his hacking skills to eavesdrop on their conversation. Unsuccessful in with the hack, Kyungsoo took it upon himself to set the hack in person. Woo Sung tries to sway his friend into helping him out again when suddenly the lights go out. In comes Kyungsoo to save the day with a phone sync, only for it to fail again. Woo Sung does reveal a partial plan of “moving” someone and reaping the rewards from the insurance. Before the team can learn anything else a paranoid Woo Sung has them step away from any cell phones or CCTV.

Thanks to Kyungsoo’s hard work and amazing hacking abilities they uncover Woo Sung’s target, his wife Kim Woo Jin! Using what they know Soo Ji tails Woo Jin to an elementary school where Soo Ji realizes it’s not Woo Jin they’re kidnapping it’s his daughter Sae Bom! Pursuing the kidnappers Soo Ji tries to rescue Sae Bom by leaping onto the van. Holding on for dear life Soo Ji does all she can to reach Sae Bom but unfortunately they escape!

The episode then moves its focus to Prosecutor Do Han, who is to no surprise shopping. He’s interrupted when receiving a phone call from his “Benevolent Senior” Prosecutor Oh. It seemed, the police department who answered the kidnapping call by our vigilante Bomi looked into the CCTV footage and now have discovered the presence of Soo Ji. Do Han tried to draw the attention to Soo Ji being a criminal and how they should be trying to catch her. Police woman Soon Ae retaliates with how he should be a proper prosecutor and do his job right. The episode ends with Do Han and his more concerned than angry thought of “What are you trying to start?”. Do Han being a Prosecutor and secretly on the vigilante team, we seem to find him between a rock and a hard place. What will Do Han do?


Writer’s Thoughts

For Ep 5 my thoughts went in a million different directions and I had so many questions! How is Soo Ji hiding from the police? Is she keeping in contact with her mother? Ugh and how can Do Han act like such a creep but be a part of the team? (As of right now lawrd knows I hate him because his upright and pretentious attitude is really beginning to annoy me, the sad part is I’m sure I’ll fall for him by the end haha.) What’s the Boss’s reason for hiding? What are your thoughts? What was your least favorite/favorite part of the episode? Personally anything with Key I am living for! His character is so well written and fun at the same time.

Episode 6 was a nice change of pace and not as stressful to think about compared to the previous ep that had too many feels thinking about Yoona. The fact that Key’s character is showing development just makes me love him so much more in the drama. His hacking skills are something to be proud, yet worrisome lol. Who knows what he could dig up on me. I’m not gonna lie, but I really thought this episode was going to finally come to the present. I thought this car chase would lead back to the first episode of Soo Ji catching the man in the car! Sadly it wasn’t, but oh man did I think Soo Ji was in for it after flying off the way she did! Looks to me like Soon Ae had no idea where Soo Ji was. And doth my eyes deceive me, but did Do Han look genuinely concerned for the fact that Soo Ji may get caught?


Episode 7 Preview:

In the next episode Seung Ro has been made aware of Soo Ji’s appearance and wants lackey Prosecutor Oh to take care of it. Will he be able to? Watch Episode 7 & 8 to find out!

Viewership ratings

Ep. 5

Nielsen: 5.6%

Ep. 6

Nielsen: 6.6%

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