Jonghyun: “Story Op.2” Purchase Guide

Jonghyun: “Story Op.2” Purchase Guide

Jonghyun’s “The Collection: Story Op. 2”

Release Dates .. Digital: April 24th 6pm KST .. Physical: April 25th~!



  1. Lonely feat. TaeyeonTitle Track
  2. 1000
  3. 멍하니 있어 (Just Chill)
  4. Love Is So Nice
  5. 눈싸움 (Blinking Game) – [essay]
  6. 엘리베이터 (Elevator)
  7. 놓아줘 (Let Me Out) – [essay]
  8. 벽난로 (Fireplace)
  9. 따둣한 겨울 (Our Season)
  10. 바퀴 (Where Are You)CD Only

**Click song for translation~!**



music plaza (LA)

Kpop Market: Amazon/eBay (Associated with the Korean store Lees Music – Updates to the charts every HOUR)

USA Local (please check if your store counts toward Korean charts & let us know~! ^^)

** When you get your physical album in the mail, please be sure to privately message (DM) your Genie code to @Support_SHINee. They will convert the code into a free Shawol playlist for us to stream 100 songs free ^^ These streams count on Korean charts~! The codes that come in this album expire on May 31st so please be sure to send them in before then~!**


US iTunes: Download + Exclusive Digital Photo Booklet

US Spotify: Stream the album on Spotify to count towards Billboard~!

** If you choose to purchase the whole album differently, please be sure to at least buy the title track “Lonely” on iTunes & stream on Spotify to show your USA support and get Jonghyun into 4/24’s Billboard Charts~! ^^ **

Melon: iOS iPhone Purchase Guide | Android App Download | Create Melon Account | USA Group Order Shawols | JKLoop Store

** The only way to purchase Melon in the US is through an iPhone. You cannot buy a pass through Android phones.**

(Jonghyun Ranked #7 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart~!)

(Story Op. 2 Peaks at #57 on the realtime US iTunes Top Album Chart!!)





Fansigning: Vyrl Update

170426 – MBC Radio: Kim Shin Young’s “Noon Song of Hope” | Trans: @Fantaemsie

170426 – “Story Op. 2” 1st Fansign – Vyrl | US Shawol FanAccount: 1, 2, 3

170511 – MBC Radio: “This Morning” Radio (audio only) [Clip] & Kangta’s “Starry Night” (viewable)

170512 – MBC Radio: Jeong Yumi’s “FM Date” (viewable)

170513 – Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook (recorded 5/2) – “Deja-Boo” , Cut 1, Cut 2, “Lonely” feat. Taeyeon, Facebook: Behind the Scenes

170622 – MTV 我愛偶像 Idols of Asia (Chinese Interview)

170627 – NCT’s “Night Night” Radio – Interview Translations

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