K-Pop Stores in the USA

K-Pop Stores in the USA

Buying your albums online is great, especially if you don’t have a local K-Pop store! However, I think we can all understand the importance of supporting local businesses! ^^ If you have a store near you that sells K-Pop, let us know~! We’ll add it to the list! If you have time, write us a review too! Some places require a little tlc to navigate. If you’re interested in some of the smaller places, check out Yelp reviews to see what people thought of the shop.



Music Plaza
928 S Western Ave #107
Los Angeles, CA 90006
Shawol Notes: Takes pre-orders, possible to order online, ships incredibly fast, & supports Gaon/Hanteo Charts. Sometimes give little gifts with purchase (fans, posters, etc.)

Choice Music
3250 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Aladdin Books
621 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Shawol Notes: See our Guide for how to use their Online Store~! ^^ Their online shop is great for orders over $50 (ship free) and they report to Gaon/Hanteo Charts but usually they don’t ship posters. Be sure to check (Google translate) if that’s of interest to you.

K-Pop Fancy inside Zion Market
7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111
Shawol Notes: The CDs are more on the expensive scale, but I do love the merch since you can find good deals.



6669 Lake Worth Rd.
Lake Worth, FL 33467



Kpop Store in USA
5953 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta, GA 30340
Shawol Notes: Mostly a mom & pop k-drama store that sells some k-pop albums. They do get in a few copies of the latest releases (Ex: They had 4 copies of “Press It” the week after its release). If they don’t have something the owners are happy to assist you. They also give out cute freebies with your purchase like Inkigayo episodes. (notes from early 2016)

K-Pop Music Depot
1197 Old Peachtree Rd.
Suwanee, Georgia



Fancy Pencil Land inside H-Mart
801 Civic Center Dr
Niles, IL 60714
Shawol Notes: They usually stay pretty up to date with stocking new releases, but they also have some older albums too. They also sell stationary. The first few times you shop there, the owner usually gives out a few freebies. I’ve gotten free pens, hair ties, and hair pins before. They also sell posters, but they are not stored very well and they can sometimes be damaged, so be sure to check them before you buy it.

K-Pop of Chinatown
2233 Wentworth Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60616
Shawol Notes: It’s really huge inside.  The store has a ton of K-Pop merchandise and is a perfect stop for any K-Pop fan. It has “K-Pop” written on the top, so it’s not easy to miss!


New York

Koryo Bookstore 
35 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001
Shawol Notes: The BEST place to find good quality Kpop merch (from albums to posters, calendars, folders, stickers, and many more!), this is in Koreatown, so after hitting it up, you can grab some Korean BBQ

1073 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10018
Shawol Notes: Technically a Japanese book store, but they have a Kpop/Jpop section on the 2nd floor along with anime. Chain book store – has other locations in the US (Chicago, LA, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, etc).

Book Off 
49 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036
Shawol Notes: Also Japanese, everything in here is second hand, so you’ll most likely find some old Kpop albums for much a much cheaper price and missing photocards, have some damage, etc. Also a chain with other locations in Hawaii & CA.



Hello! Fancy H’ Gift Shop inside H-Mart
2625 Old Denton Rd #200
Carrollton, TX 75007
Shawol Notes: Located in the area’s Koreatown – lots of Korean restaurants & stores. Found 1 and 1 & 1+1 there.

Book Nara 
Korean Mall – Furneaux Creek Village Shopping Center
2625 Old Denton Rd #328
Carrollton, TX 75007
Shawol Notes: The good thing about this book store is that they also have magazines, and I got a magazine from there that SHINee was on the cover of a few years ago. The albums and magazines are in the very front of the store and are the first thing that you see when you walk in. There is another Kpop store if you keep walking (I also don’t know the name of this one), but these stores are a lot more expensive than the one inside of H-mart.

Eve Pink Kpop Store
Inside H-Mart
9896 Bellaire Blvd STE M
Houston, TX 77036

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