TAEMIN: “2KIDS” Digital Single 8/4 Release~!

TAEMIN: “2KIDS” Digital Single 8/4 Release~!




Release Date: August 4, 2020


  1. 1. 2 KIDS


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Charts Taemin is eligible for: Billboard World Digital Song Sales & Billboard Hot 100

To help Taemin chart on Billboard, the most important thing you can do is immediately buy the song on iTunes (and Google Play) on the first day of release (Aug 4th, 5am EST / 4am CST / 3am MST / 2am PST).

Once you have done that, be sure to share Taemin’s “2 Kids” YouTube MV on social media, encouraging people to also buy the song, and stream the song on Apple Music, Spotify, & other official streaming services. We have only 3 days to get on this week’s Billboard charts before data collecting closes Thursday at midnight EST. Taemin’s highest iTunes chart position to date is “WANT” which charted at #156 on the main song chart. With this release let’s break into the Top 100!

Billboard Social 50: Taemin does not have the social media accounts required to chart here. Instead, please tag/like/share @SHINee on Twitter, like/share SHINee official posts on Facebook, and go to SHINee’s Wikipedia page and stay on the page for at least 1 minute.



Originally set to release in March with an accompanying Korean concert, Taemin’s 3rd full length Korean album titled “Never Gonna Dance Again” finally is being released! On August 4th, 2020 at 6pm KST, the “Prologue” first single “2 KIDS” will be released digitally worldwide. Taemin said many things about the concert which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In his interview for Vogue (April 2020) Taemin said that he filmed a lyrical hip hop concert video presented as if he’s dancing alone in front of a full moon. “Although Teacher Lee Sooman also gives me advice, I feel like I’m the producer of my solo album.” (cr. ixakaixa). About the title song mentioned at the time, he said there were a lot of revisions with already 12 versions of the song. “2 Kids” is a song which contains Taemin’s self-written lyrics with a genre defined as “Electro pop”. It’s sound is “warm” and uses guitar instrumentals to “express the memory of painful parting of a childhood love”. About the lyrics, Taemin said that he wanted to incorporate the feeling of casual speech into the lyrics. Usually lyrics tend to be poetic, but Taemin wanted to create something more close & comfortable for listeners that easily grasps emotion. The producer of “2 Kids” is a UK duo named The Arcades, previously known for working with acts like Ellie Goulding and Years & Years as well k-pop groups BTS and TXT. The music video for “2 KIDS” was shot in Paris, France during SuperM’s world tour in February.

After its initial release, Taemin will go live on Vlive to answer questions about “2 Kids” and the upcoming album “Never Gonna Dance Again” in a segment called “2 Kids On The Block”. The Vlive aired at 7pm KST on August 4th with roughly ~274,000 viewers. Taemin said that he’s been filming a lot of things related to “2 KIDS”. Think of “2 KIDS” as the trailer that comes out before the movie. The teaser was designed as a movie poster – The idea came from Taemin. He couldn’t tell the exact date for the upcoming album but it should be soon, “quickly”. The prologue (“2 Kids”) he had considered releasing last but the story is meant to be told in this order. Act 1 has a dramatic performance – something you haven’t seen before. Even though he’s an idol, this isn’t something you’d see in an idol world. Act 2 will end everything strongly, best of the best, game over. He said that he’s most inspired to write lyrics while flying on planes. He changed the lyrics a lot for “2 KIDS” after originally recording it and thanked staff & engineers for working with him. He said he wanted to film some place beautiful and they were originally considering London and Paris. He liked the first scene best in the MV. The dance for “2 KIDS” is like a gesture. There’s no dance for “2 KIDS” he said. Taemin had prepared a dance for it, but while talking to the director, they decided Taemin would do a dance that was more loose and spontaneous. You can listen to all of his MV shooting stories on Vlive “Taemin’s 2 KIDS on the Block”. The music video was directed by Oui Kim, the art director was likely Ok Shin (also the production designer/art director for WANT, Good Evening, Countless and Shinin’) who posted on IG Story, & stylist Kim Wook.

Taemin’s 3rd full length album is set to be released at an unannounced future date in 2 parts. Please look forward to it!



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