2020 SHINee Variety Shows

2020 SHINee Variety Shows

** Since a lot of these links are unofficial, please do not be surprised if they expire. If you find one is broken please let us know and we will try to replace it if possible~! ^^**

** We are not the hosts of any of these video links and have no control over if they go down. Please enjoy them while they’re available.
Anything labeled “Official” is hosted by an official account and should remain posted for a long time. **


200425 – “SuperM Performs ‘With You’ | One World: Together at Home” (Taemin) | Official Eng |
200429~200701 – TAEMlog (Taemin) | Official Eng Sub |
200510 – “‘Truth or Dare’ with SuperM” (Taemin) | Official Eng Sub |
200515 – “Idol Troops Camp: Taemin, Ravi, Ha Sungwoon” Seezn | Ep. 1, Ep. 2, Ep. 3, & Ep. 4 (Official Eng Sub) |
200629 – Alfaradio913 “Entrevista SuperM” (Taemin) | Official Esp Sub |
200721 – “Like On You” Vlive (Onew) | Official Raw | Eng Sub |
200730 – “YouTube Music Presenta: SuperM” (Taemin) | Official Esp Sub |
200731 – “SuperM Gets Flustered by Kids” (Taemin) | Official Eng Sub |





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