SMTOWN &STORE: SM’s Official Online Store (Korea Based)

SMTOWN &STORE: SM’s Official Online Store (Korea Based)


SM launched their official online store SMTOWN &STORE on April 5, 2019. Through this online store, you can buy all sorts of SHINee goods that are usually found at SM’s SUM Store – a physical shop located at the SM company building and other areas around Seoul. Signing up and using the website is straightforward since the website is in English, but the drawback is shipping is usually $20+ even for small items – so you’ll want to double up your purchases with a friend to save on shipping. Checkout is pretty convenient and uses Paypal or credit card. Also all album purchases will count on Korea’s Hanteo & Gaon charts! Happy shopping~! Remember that some of these items you can get also at SMGlobalShop – which is located in the US.

To see the latest SHINee product releases, you can follow SMTOWN &STORE on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.





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