Official SHINee Hot Topic Merch Now on SALE~!

Official SHINee Hot Topic Merch Now on SALE~!

SM is now doing an OFFICIAL collab with Hot Topic via SM Global Shop~! Currently, they have 2 SHINee t-shirts available (see above). The black Story of Light one is an online exclusive, but the white t-shirt you can buy in stores now~! This Billboard report about the collab indicates that we can expect even more products to come! ^^

“According to early details, fans can look forward to SM products including physical albums, T-shirts, hoodies, clothing items and more being sold online and in select locations of Hot Topic’s nearly 700 locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. Daniel Kim, vice president of SM Global Shop, tells Billboard there’s also the possibility of exclusive SM merchandise for Hot Topics, as well as future events between artists and the retailer.”

Please keep an eye out! You can currently buy other products (lightsticks, hats, phone case, etc.) on the SM Global Shop website store, but the only clothing available for SHINee so far is at Hot Topic! According to SM Global Shop’s blog we can also anticipate collabs with FYE (US music retailer that reports sales to Hanteo), Billboard, & SM’s artists. Stay tuned for more!


Hot Topic x SMTown Collab: Buy HERE or IN STORE~!




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