Hi Shawols~! We’re back with another project! During our last project, we were able to show our love and support for SHINee during their “Story of Light” promotions with a food support project during their final week of performances for “Our Page”. We would like to take donations to do the same type of support project for Key’s solo debut! This time, our project host will be , who has supported Key with a lot of projects over the years. They have been very generous to allow us to help out with their latest project~ ^^ This is where we need your help~!


We will be collecting donations via Paypal through this form. Please read carefully and be timely with your donations~! We need to have everything prepared in advance so Key can receive our food and gifts on time~! As always, thank you for your support! ^^

Donations Close: 11/28


UPDATE 3/2/19

Hi Shawols, since the 3rd week of Key’s promotional cycle for “One of Those Nights” was cancelled we had to make arrangements for a different food support date. In the end, we chose to do a food support for Key’s final pre-recording of “Amazing Saturday” before his enlistment on March 4th. ^^ Here below are photos of the day with translations~! We also were able to include a letter for Key which KeysYou wrapped up nicely for us and sent with the truck~! In it, we told Key how much we loved watching him on Amazing Saturday, how great FACE was…. we included messages from our donors, & well wishes for his enlistment! See below for all the photos~! And thank you so much everyone for your patience! We’re glad the project could be completed successfully ^^



Stand Up Banner Translation (the one Key’s hugging):

“Once an Ace always an Ace”

“Thank you for everything Amazing Saturday”
“You’ve worked hard Key-oro” (t/n: pet name Key + Hero)

“★ D-Day is October, 7th, 2020 ★
Key has to return so Amazing Saturday, so don’t go anywhere please!!
KEY WANNA BE always together with tVN”

” I don’t know what to do without “mo-Key-dda”
By now I can’t help it I want to always live by “mo-Key-dda”
“Mo-Key-dda” will forever be the truth of life”

(t/n: short for “just follow Key when you don’t know the answer” – 모를땐 키를 따라가야 맞춘다 = 모키따)


Banner Above Truck:

“Thank you for everything Amazing Saturday
You’ve worked hard Key-oro
KEY WANNA BE always together with tVN”



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키어로 수고했어요💕 #놀라운토요일 촬영장에서 키님 군입대전 마지막 녹화하는날 김대리가 함께 했습니다😭 맛난 음료와 #바질토마토토스트 #수제딸기크로와상 을 주문주신 팬분들 멋져요🤗 음료는 무제한으로 요청하신 팬분들이 더 대단해 보였던 시간이었습니다👍 푸짐히 준비해주셔서 이른시간부터 촬영장에 도착. 너무나 익숙한곳에서 알아서 척척척 준비했습니다🙌 푸짐히 준비되어있는 커피차를 보며 많은 스탭분들께서 언제 시작이냐며 폭풍 질문을 ㅎㅎ 시작전부터 기분이 좋네요💕 기다리시는 스탭분들위해 빠르게 시작!! 즉석에서 구워드리는 토스트는 굽기 무섭게 사라지며 지금 드시기 좋은 딸기크로와상도 완판🤗 정말 맛있다며 말씀주시며 한개 더 먹어도되냐고 물어보는 스탭분들….그럼요…많이 드셔도되죠 ㅎㅎ 아주 푸짐히 준비했답니다🙌 주인공 키 님은 애플시나몬라떼를 드시며 반갑게 인사주셨습니다💕 군입대전까지 열촬하는 모습이 참 멋져보였던..👍 인기메뉴는 애플시나몬라떼. 수제레몬에이드. 얼박사 등등등 이었습니다💕 첫슛이후 쉬는타임까지 진행되었던 키님 서폿은 정말 맛있게 드시는 출연진. 스탭분들덕에 대 성공👏 제대후 또 만나요~ 약속👊 #샤이니 #shinee #키 #key #군입대 #마지막촬영 #커피 #커피차 #서포트 #연예인서포트 #케이터링 #커피트럭 #푸드트럭 #홍대카페 #연남동카페 #커피는김대리 #커피볶는김대리 #김대리2호차 #coffeetruck

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Instagram Post:
“You’ve worked hard Key-oro (Amazing Saturday pet name for Key (Key+hero 키+히어로)) 💕

Mr. Kim (coffee) was together with Key on set for his last day of filming for #Amazing Saturday before enlistment. 😭

The fans who ordered tasty beverages with #basil-tomato-toast and #handmade-strawberry-croissant are awesome 🤗 It was amazing how these fans even requested unlimited beverages 👍

Arriving on set very early to prepare generously. It’s a venue we’re quite used to, so preparations went very smoothly. 🙌

We prepared generously but a flood of staff members came up and asked when we would open upon seeing the coffee truck hehe so we felt good even before starting 💕

We began quickly for the waiting staff!! The toast we made fresh on the spot disappeared frighteningly fast and the strawberry croissants that are ready to be eaten also sold out 🤗

The staff said, “It was so delicious can I have another one?” … “Of course” (we replied) … “You may eat a lot” hehe We really prepared generously 🙌

The star of the show, Key, had an apple cinnamon latte and greeted us happily 💕
He really looked quite cool, diligently filming up to his enlistment..👍 The most popular menu items were apple cinnamon latte, hand-made lemonade, iced cider energy drinks, and more 💕

The support for Mr. Key continued up to the break after filming the first segment, when the cast members ate deliciously. This was a huge success thanks to our team. 👏

Let’s meet again after your discharge~ Promise👊 ”


Cup Sleeve Translation:
“Once an Ace always an Ace
You’ve worked hard Key-oro (pet name Key + Hero)”





#Basil-tomato-toast 💕
It was even more delicious since it was grilled fresh on site👍 It was a very delicious time because we prepared with our whole hearts 🤹‍♂️ We had a wonderful time 🙌



#handmade-strawberry-croissants 💕
This are our babies Mr. Kim made himself right before the support 🎈
The great combination of fresh strawberries and sweet cream 🤗



Letter to KEY from SHINee USA


USA Shawol Messages:

“Thank you for giving us beautiful music that feeds our souls and colors our world!” “Your releases have been a source of strength and happiness for so many of us.” “Please do all the things that make you happy – both on stage & off stage.” “We all love the unique qualities about you that don’t fit into a mold, because only you can be you!” “Whether it’s singing, acting, or variety, we’ll support you the whole way!“Always proud of you~!”


Once again, thank you everyone for your support! Please be sure to give “One of Those Nights” & “I Wanna Be” a lot of love until Key’s return~! ^^





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