“The Story of Light” Food Support Project

“The Story of Light” Food Support Project

[A Word from the Admin]

Hi Shawols~! We have a very exciting new project for us! Project host is working with SHINee USA and other international fansites to send SHINee a food support (from international fans)!! Yes, really! And we need your help~!

Post-Project Update: Thank you Shawols for making this project a HUGE success~! ^^ Thanks to you we were able to send the boys our love through this food support for their final stage of promotions for The Story of Light! It was very meaningful to be able to support our boys through this international, all-member project and I think they received our hearts well~ Please read our letter to them below and look at photos of all the lovely food we sent them and their staff! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Food Support Project Fundraising

We will be collecting donations via Paypal through this form. Please read carefully and be timely with your donations~! We need to have everything prepared in advance so SHINee can receive our food and gifts on time~! As always, thank you for your support! ^^

Donations Close: 6/29







Decorative Lights per member (Text: “for. Shining SHINee Onew from. Shining SHINee World”)
Box Flowers per member (Jonghyun’s gifts given to staff to be given to his family)
Letters from each participating fansite



SHINee’s Menu: Avocado Salmon Salad, Chicken and seafood stew, Eel, Vietnamese spring rolls, pickled radish, pickled garlic, fruit, radish kimchi, cabbage kimchi, and water

Staff’s Menu: Chicken soup with ginseng, salad, radish kimchi, cabbage kimchi, and water

Dessert: Large Designer Cake, Wine, Cheese plate, & Dessert Box [Custom Cookies, Brownie, Juice, watermelon w/ berries, chocolate & candy]

@HarmonyTaemin: “Six nations have gathered to support all of SHINee’s hard work! SHINee received chicken seafood stew while the staff got chicken soup with ginseng as their main dish. We also ordered dessert, wine, and a cheese plate. The cake and Sha-ting star lamps contained our love for them. #We’llAlwaysSupportSHINee The staff received overflowing support with chicken soup with ginseng and dessert boxes. For SHINee and their staff to fully enjoy themselves, wine, champagne, etc. were also overflowing. TEAM SHINee who has worked hard over six weeks and even harder for the third album #WeWillAlwaysSupportSHINee”




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