SM Global Shop: SM’s Official International Store (USA based)

SM Global Shop: SM’s Official International Store (USA based)


SM has entered the US market with their latest collab project “SM Global Shop”! SM Global Shop is a licensed carrier of official SM products like albums, lightsticks, clothing, and other merch! Some of the products are designed by SM Global Shop staff & others are imports from SM’s SUM shop. All of their products ship from the USA! So there aren’t hefty shipping fees~ ^^

In addition to that, we are also now ambassadors for SM Global Shop. What does that mean? It means that SHINee USA gets exclusive updates for upcoming SHINee products at SM Global Shop and we get discount codes for our followers! Be sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss out~!

Right now, SM Global Shop is the best place to buy SHINee’s lightstick and is the store that SM sells physical albums through in order to count on Billboard! If SHINee (or the members as soloists) release an album stateside, this is the store you want to buy from. ^^


Shop Now at SM Global Shop~!


They’re constantly updating products so check out their website and follow them on social media for the latest product releases!




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