Jonghyun: Story Op. 2 Translations

Jonghyun: Story Op. 2 Translations


After a long period of translating, we are finally offering Jonghyun’s Story Op. 2 Translations~! We will be uploading preview images to our Twitter for casual readers to browse, but here we will be offering two PDFs to download. As always, we have offered our time to this freely and we are giving it freely – this translation is not to be sold. We ask that if you download this, that you please go out and buy a physical copy of the album – we’re hoping that you already have and that this will only enhance your love for Jonghyun and the album. If you haven’t bought the album, please do here!



Plain PDF (normal)
Booklet PDF

  • When printed front and back, this will create a folded booklet as seen above – Printing Guide coming soon~
  • Requires Oversized Paper (width is ~13 inches – made to match the original album’s size – the image above was made with 8.5″ x 11″ paper)
  • If you would like it to fit inside your album, you will need to buy regular thin printer paper. Cardstock will be too thick.


Forward from the Admins

Letter from the Editor:
A great deal of time was spent translating this text from Jan-Apr 2018. The first thing I wanted to say is a thank you to our translator who put a lot of energy into this project. <3 We all cope with tragedy and loss differently and for our staff, focusing on his words was what we wanted to do most. I know it wasn’t easy & you’re a trooper for taking this on with me. I’m eternally grateful ^^

Because of the sensitive nature of the content and the timing of our release of it, we ask that fans & readers of this translation do so at a time where they consider themselves to be mentally stable and not easily shaken. Jonghyun’s words are very meaningful for us. As his autobiographical album, we felt it was important now more than ever that his words be available to the English speaking SHINee World community in an effort to better understand Jonghyun. We ask that you read this with an open mind to both the positive and negative and receive Jonghyun as he is. Please do not internalize his pain as he never wanted that for you. Translations of the songs are plentiful online. Be sure to read them as well if you haven’t already for the context of these essays.

Jjong, we love and miss you. We will carry you in our hearts forever and always do our best to share your memory.


“And those who understood and embraced this me were everywhere.” – “Our Season” Essay (Korean Name: “Warm Winter“)


Letter from the Translator:
There are some things that can be expressed in one language and not another, some simplicity or beauty that is always lost in translation. I truly hope you can feel some of Jonghyun’s heart in these words, and I hope someday, you too may read his original words in the beautiful language of Korean. I want to thank everyone who I ran five versions of the same sentence by to try and find the best fit; you all helped more than you know. Also this wouldn’t have been possible without friends who were there when things became too dark. Thank you for reading. Thank you for loving Jonghyun. Take care.

“I’ll share one spoiler. In the essay version there’s different pieces of writing for each song. There’s 9 all together… and I wrote them. I’ve included the emotions that will help you understand the songs. Music is music but I wonder how you will see my writings, you’ll probably think several things. Even still I hope you’ll look forward to it.” – Jonghyun (@realjonghyun90, 170423)


Technical Details

Since English is visually longer than Korean, lines that were too long to match the original text were split into two lines with an indent to indicate that it was originally one line. Often times, Jonghyun wrote a question that ended with a period instead of a question mark. Things like this we have altered from the source material for English readers in order to keep Jonghyun’s intent as clear as possible. This has been read over by two translators in order to provide the best translation possible~!


We hope that this translation helps you enjoy Jonghyun’s album to the fullest! Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Jonghyun: Story Op. 2 Translations”

  • I have not read the translation yet. I will read it this evening by myself, with the cd playing very quietly. There will be no other sounds, no ringing phone, no television in the background. Tears spring to my eyes as I write this; I know that there will be many more as I read his words. I still do not understand the depth of my emotions upon news of his death and for days and weeks afterward–even now, today. His talent, his genius, his voice that was both beautiful and chameleon-like–ever changing, ever modulating to the song, the words, to his moods, to his friends–all these whirl and come to rest in my mind as I listen to his music. I am grateful for the many videos and the concert footage that keep him alive in some ways for all of us. But always now, my feelings fight with one another between both my love and my grief for him.
    Sometimes when I’m watching the clips and the concerts, something rages inside, demanding “Why? ” Still, I do understand some of the why–the deep deep personal and mysterious agony that lived inside him. How many of us have wished that we could have told him how much he was loved? I know he was told and reassured many many times by all those who were close to him, but the demons inside were stronger . I grieve as much over his suffering prior to his decision as much as I grieve over his death–maybe even more so. His personal sorrows were immense–and mysterious, but I do understand some of what it was like for him.. I miss him. I miss him. I miss him.
    Thank you for this translation. Thank you to the translator. I know the care and the love it takes to make a true translation of words and heart. Thank you to all of you to share this. I hope that the world of readers will be as honorable and respectful with his words as he was sincere in writing them and as you have been generous in sharing them.

  • hello. i wanted to say thank you. when i received the album, back in may last year i started translating for myself. but life goes on, i stopped studying korean and let it go. So i am very greatful. this album and its meaning are very important to me. thank you very very very much.
    It was probably very hard for you to keep doing it, but still, thank you.
    i plan on printing the booklet and keep ot together with the album.
    thank you again.
    take care.

  • Thanks so much for this hard work. It means a lot to Blingers. Is there any chance to get an actual Korean digital copy ???? Thanks once again for sharing this <3

  • Thank you for translations.. i will treasure them a lot..
    he left his beautiful memories, songs and thoughts behind for us to keep remember him..
    and being able to understand what he tries to convey is really meaningful and important tome.. thank you again
    i will print this and read it before listening each song on the album <3<3

  • thank you so much for all the time and effort you spent on these translations. more power to you and your team.

  • Hello Admins, thank you for the translations. I have been searching for them so that I can understand the stories. Thank you so much, I would cherish it.

  • Thank you so much for this. I can only imagine how difficult it was translating and editing. I haven’t read the translations just yet as I am currently at work and don’t want to start bawling my eyes out. LOL

  • I am very appreciative of your hard work translating and for this gift. We must remember to be our brother’s/sister’s keepers in this difficult world and not be afraid of our own or others’ dark sides. Normalizing mood swings instead of making people feel they have to present themselves to the world as always happy. I will let him continue to be alive for me though his music. Not many get to leave such a legacy.

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